Ficheiros Secretos - Temporada 9


Título Original: The X-Files

20 Episódios

Ficção Científica, Crime, Drama, Mistério & Thriller, Animação, Comédia, Fantasia, Terror
Classificação de idade


Robert Patrick
John Doggett
Annabeth Gish
Monica Reyes


Aware his presence only puts Scully and William in jeopardy Mulder once again disappears — but at least this time it is his own choice. A frustrated Agent Doggett tries to find Mulder so he can proceed with his investigation against Deputy Director Kersh, but Scully and Skinner finally convince him to drop his case. Yet even as Scully helps Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes on some of their cases she realizes William is still in danger. When she learns a religious cult wants her son dead she turns to the Lone Gunmen. But even they cannot prevent William from being kidnapped, a fact which forces Scully to make a painful decision. Yet even in her darkest hour she receives word that Mulder has been found — and is being held in a military brig for the murder of a man who cannot die.

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