Os Heróis - Temporada 1


Título Original: Heroes

23 Episódios


Ficção Científica , Fantasia , Mistério & Thriller , Drama



Classificação de idade



Adrian Pasdar
Nathan Petrelli
Santiago Cabrera
Isaac Mendez
Hayden Panettiere
Claire Bennet
Tawny Cypress
Simone Deveaux
Noah Gray-Cabey
Micah Sanders
Milo Ventimiglia
Peter Petrelli
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Mohinder Suresh
Masi Oka
Hiro Nakamura
Jack Coleman
Noah Bennet
Greg Grunberg
Matt Parkman
Leonard Roberts
D.L. Hawkins
Ali Larter
Niki Sanders


A genetics professor. A hospice nurse. A single mom. A street cop. A small town cheerleader. A tormented artist. A computer geek. From places as divergent as Tokyo, India, New York City and Odessa, Texas — they appear to be ordinary people. But they're beginning to find out they're not like everyone else. In fact, they're meant for something much more... Heroes tells the fascinating story of people discovering remarkable abilities — to transport through time and space, to hear another's thoughts, to be physically indestructible, to paint the future. Each must contend with their unique power. And as they struggle to make sense of what and why all this is happening, destiny will ultimately bring them together to change our world.

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