Skins – liekeissä - Kausi 7


Alkuperäinen nimi: Skins

6 Jaksoa

Draama, Komedia, Made in Europe


Nicholas Hoult
Tony Stonem
Dev Patel
Anwar Kharral
Hannah Murray
Cassie Ainsworth


The final series sees the return of several characters from the first two generations of the show. Notably, all of the characters have undergone enormous personality changes since their last appearances: Effy has cast her party-hard lifestyle and issues aside, and has become more mature and ambitious. Naomi has lost much of her ambition as a principled young woman and is now a layabout and stoner. Emily has become more confident. Cassie has overcome her mental issues, but has become solitary, serious, principled and tired, and Cook has become much more subdued, serious and calculated, as a result of having spent years on the run.

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