Magic Mike (2012)


ドラマ, コメディ, Made in Europe
1h 50min


Channing Tatum
Mike 'Magic Mike' Martingano
Joe Manganiello
Big Dick Richie
Mircea Monroe
Ken's Wife
Avery Camp
Girl in Line
Camryn Grimes
Birthday Girl
Asher Wallis
Obnoxious Bar Guy
Alison Faulk
Havana Nights Girl
Catherine Lynn Stone
Blonde Bachelorette
Jennifer Skinner
Silhouette Girl
Vanessa Ryan
Cowboy Lap Dance Girl
Monica Garcia
Dr. Love Girl
Candace Marie
Boxing Girl
Lyss Remaly
Girl Richie Lifts
Yari De Leon
Sorority Girl
Cameron Banfield
Kim's Boyfriend
Ashley Hayes
Raver Girl
Ken Anthony II
Street Pedestrian
Julie Berlin
Strip Club Patron
Emma Chandler
Sorority Girl
Michelle Clunie
Dallas' Girl
Erica Day
Carla / Bartender
Tenley Dene
Club Goer
Ingrid Fermandois
Hurricane House Guest
Rod Grant
Strip Club Patron
Joe High
Club Goer
Melody King
Strip Tease Girl
Charlotte Wilson Langley
Club Goer / Pedestrian
Carrie Lauren
Beach Girl
Morgan Lester
Sorority Girl
Adrienne McQueen
Dallas' Flirt
Deana Molle'
Strip Club Patron
Lindsey Marie Nelson
Restaurant Patron
Veronica Viruet Simpson
Restaurant Patron
John L. Smith Jr.
Restaurant Patron
Hannah Stark
Dancing Girl
Chad Stevens
Restaurant Patron
Rachael Thompson
Beach Party Girl


Mike, an experienced stripper, takes a younger performer called The Kid under his wing and schools him in the arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money.

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