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About us

JustWatch is a service for movie and TV show fans - to help you find out where to watch movies legally. What’s new on Netflix, Hulu or iTunes? Where to watch the movie you’ve been talking about? On JustWatch you can find all that in one app. To make the experience even more worthwhile, you can customize your individual settings and use easy and intuitive filters for providers, many different genres, IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes ratings, prices, HD/SD, or release year.

Our goal is to connect movie fans with their favorite content worldwide.

Our business model is to help movie studios advertise their content to the right audience. In order to do this, JustWatch collects anonymized user data on movie taste and purchase behavior through its website and apps in many countries worldwide. The corresponding anonymous user profiles are used to run highly targeted and efficient video advertising campaigns on mainly YouTube and Facebook for movie releases in cinemas, home entertainment and VOD.

Our goal is to make movie marketing a lot more efficient for advertisers and a lot less annoying and more valuable for users.

The JustWatch headquarter is in Berlin, with a team of around 30 IT, data, marketing, startup and sales specialists.

Meet the founders

David Croyé

Founder & CEO

is responsible for the overall strategy and business development. He worked as CMO at (US-company up until summer 2014 when he decided to start his own company. Over the course of five years, he built up an international team of around 50 people and helped to reach millions of monthly users all over the world.

Christoph Hoyer

Co-Founder & CMO

is the CMO of JustWatch and responsible for marketing, data and ad tech. He holds a degree from the Technical University of Ilmenau where he specialized in statistics. After completing his degree he joined where he was promoted within a couple of months to Head of Mobile Marketing. In this role he built the area from scratch and lead the two most important global innovation topics Big Data and (mobile) CRM. He achieved the #1 position in the app store multiple times for apps in all markets.

Kevin Hiller

Co-Founder & Head of Product

is responsible for product, content and design at JustWatch. At he led a special operations growth team. He is an expert in design, rapid prototyping and A/B testing.

Dominik Raute

Co-Founder & CTO

is responsible for technology and has already gained vast experience in this area. He architected the systems of Berlin based AdTech company Trademob and worked as lead architect for MyVideo, one of Germany‘s biggest streaming sites.

Ingke Weimert

Co-Founder & CRO

is Head of Sales at JustWatch. She holds a degree in business from the University of Magdeburg. After more than ten years of experience in the movie marketing industry at NBC, Pro7 and Moviepilot she has an elaborate network in the national and international movie industry. Before joining JustWatch since 2009 she was responsible for international sales at Moviepilot. Ingke exceeded her revenue targets for five consecutive years and led the company to profitability which resulted in Moviepilot being acquired by the French Webedia Group.

Michael Wilken

Co-Founder & CFO

is responsible for operations, finance and talent.

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