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JustWatch is an international movie marketing startup, founded in 2014 in Berlin by an experienced and successful team. Every day, millions of viewers use JustWatch to find movies and TV shows they’ll love!

Talent is our highest priority! As we’re expanding our team to tackle the challenges and find opportunities, we provide a diverse culture with high degrees of autonomy and personal development.


Our Core Values

Our values “Learn and Deliver Value” are the foundation of JustWatch and the basis for all major decisions.



We question everything
We try to learn by first principles
We are always curious
We want to make everything better
We are transparent and share knowledge
Applied learning towards a goal is what matters



We are result driven
We do always what we say
We believe in the 80/20 rule
Done is better than perfect
We proactively communicate our wins


Create Value

We only want to do things that make sense
We want to give more than we take
We don't want to harm anybody
Business is always personal

Read our blog post for more background information on how it all started and examples of how our values are put into practice at JustWatch.