Secrets of Diana's Last Royal Christmas: 1991


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December 1991. That fateful time of year. The family joins together to celebrate, following the great royal traditions. Diana must walk into the lions' den and be the mother her children need. But all is not well in the Windsor household. A storm which will change the course of history is on its way. Disenchanted by the royal mystique, and her incompatibilities with Prince Charles coming to light, piece by piece, after more than a decade together, their marriage began to fall apart. This is how it came to be Diana's last Christmas as the wife of the future King, and their last Christmas together as a family, uncovering the truth of a not so festive season, dogged by tension, discord and family arguments, a catalyst for the Queen's most disastrous and unfortunate year yet, her Annus Horribilis.


IMDB 8.3


Documental, Drama



País de producción

Reino Unido


Amber Rondel


Vivienne Pettitt
Paul Burrell
Ingrid Seward