What's on Netflix? Overview of what to watch.

What to watch on Netflix? Wonder no more! JustWatch created the complete overview of all the movies and shows that you can stream online right now on Netflix Netherlands. Our overview of the Netflix catalog includes Netflix Originals and all the latest additions to Netflix. We update it daily and organize it by popularity, to help you pick the best content to watch on Netflix. Browse through by using our various filters (release year, age rating, genres and much more) to easily find what to watch on Netflix. You're a tv shows addict? Check out our list of Netflix TV shows or use the TV Shows filter below. You're a movie lover? JustWatch has you covered as well with this list of Netflix movies. We also have on overview of all the Netflix 4K content if you're a Netflix premium subscriber.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is a paid media streaming service present in the Netherlands and many other countries. Netflix offers the possibility to watch online, using the streaming technology, a wide range of movies and TV shows, as well as Netflix Original Shows, movies and documentaries. Some of the streaming content offered by Netflix is exclusive to the platform or founded by the company itself. To access Netflix in the Netherlands, you need to create an account.

Netflix prices in the Netherlands

Netflix has a subscription-based business and comes with three different subscription plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. It means your Netflix payment is done once a month and you can stream all the movies and tv shows Netflix has in its catalog in your country and this, unlimited! You can find the complete list of all the movies and tv shows available on Netflix below. In the Netherlands, Netflix changed its price in November 2017. The Basic membership for Netflix Netherlands will remain unchanged at €7,99 per month. It has no option for watching Netflix movies and TV shows in HD or Ultra HD video streaming and limits simultaneous screens to just one device. The Standard membership for the Netherlands used to cost €9,99 and is now €10,99; this Netflix plan gives you HD viewing and the ability to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on two screens. The premium membership now costs €13,99. This option enables you to watch Netflix Ultra HD content, and stream on four devices at the same time. The flatrate is always changeable and you can quit the subscription at any time. For information about the plans click here: Netflix Netherlands.