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Last season's assault, narcotics and fraud charges against Patrick Jane have been dropped and it's back to business as usual. Or business as unusual for Jane, who uses mind games, tricks and his super sharp skills of observation to solve the state's most puzzling homocides. In the fifth season, Jane's obsession with finding Red John consumes him every waking moment, drawing him outside the law and closer than ever to the serial killer's true identity. But when Homeland Security and the FBI team up with the CBI on the case, Jane's unorthodox methods antagonize even his most loyal allies. Can Jane's skill and charm continue to see him through? How far is too far?

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Dramat, Mystery & Thriller, Kryminał

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Simon Baker
Patrick Jane
Robin Tunney
Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang
Kimball Cho
Rockmond Dunbar
Dennis Abbott
Joe Adler
Jason Wylie
Josie Loren
Michelle Vega