Ostatni okręt - Sezon 4 (2017)

Tytuł Oryginalny: The Last Ship

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Science-Fiction, Akcja & Przygoda, Dramat, Wojenny & Militarny, Mystery & Thriller


Eric Dane
CO CDR Tom Chandler
Adam Baldwin
XO Mike Slattery
Travis Van Winkle
Lt. Danny Green
Marissa Neitling
LT. Kara Green
Christina Elmore
Lt. Alisha Granderson
Jocko Sims
LT. Carlton Burk
Bridget Regan
Sasha Cooper
LaMonica Garrett
Cameron Burk
Jodie Turner-Smith
Sgt. Azima Kandie


After the chilling events at the end of last season, Tom Chandler has given up his heroic titles and responsibilities and sought solace – and anonymity -- with his family in a small fishing village in Greece. Meanwhile, Captain Slattery and the crew of Nathan James have discovered that the virus has “jumped kingdoms” and now infects the world’s food crops, bringing humanity to the brink of global famine. As the ship traverses the Mediterranean in search of a solution that can save the world's food supply, Chandler encounters his own enemies in Greece. His “hero’s journey” becomes a modern day retelling of Homer’s Odyssey.

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