Freaky Friday (1976)

Fantasia, Comédia, Família
1h 35min
Classificação de idade


Jodie Foster
Annabel Andrews
Barbara Harris
Ellen Andrews
John Astin
Bill Andrews
Patsy Kelly
Mrs Schmauss
Dick Van Patten
Harold Jennings
Ruth Buzzi
Opposing Coach
Kaye Ballard
Coach Betsy
Marc McClure
Boris Harris
Marie Windsor
Mrs Murphy
Sparky Marcus
Ben Andrews
Brooke Mills
Miss Gibbons
Karen Smith
Mary Kay Gilbert
Al Molinaro
Drapery Man
Fritz Feld
Mr. Jackman
Ceil Cabot
Miss McGuirk
Marvin Kaplan
Carpet Cleaner
Iris Adrian
Bus Passenger
Laurie Main
Mr. Mills
Dermott Downs
Harvey Manager


School girl Annabel is hassled by her mother, and Mrs. Andrews is annoyed with her daughter, Annabel. They both think that the other has an easy life. On a normal Friday morning, both complain about each other and wish they could have the easy life of their daughter/mother for just one day and their wishes come true as a bit of magic puts Annabel in Mrs. Andrews' body and vice versa. They both have a Freaky Friday.

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