Los protegidos


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Comedie , Actiune & Aventura , Fantezie , Mystery & Thriller , Made in Europe


1h 15min


Antonio Garrido
Mario Montero
Marta Torné
Julia Redondo
Ana Fernández
Sandra Olaiz
Luis Fernández
Culebra Izquierdo
Mario Marzo
Lucas López
Priscilla Delgado
Lucía Expósito
Daniel Avilés
Carlos Montero


A sexy female rookie, Newblood, has joined Cloth's team. At her first crime scene the team discover the body of Cloth's Brother, Terry Cloth, Cloth traces Terry's past back to a remote therapy centre, "The Healery", but Cloth belives this is a cult and suspects Vull, the sinister leader, of murdering his brother. Whilst Vull is being questioned down the station, another shooting occurs in the City of Town. And a case that was already uncomfortably personal for Cloth becomes personaler as he discovers the next victim is an ex-girlfriend. There is a serial killer hunting down people who have a personal connection to Cloth meaning Oldman's life is in danger. Can Cloth save Oldman? Can Cloth save himself?

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