Combatants Will Be Dispatched!


Título Original: 戦闘員、派遣します!

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Ação & Aventura, Ficção Científica, Animação, Comédia, Fantasia


Kaori Ishihara
Black Lilith (voice)
Miyu Tomita
Alice Kisaragi (voice)
Yusuke Shirai
Combat Agent 6 (voice)
Sayaka Kikuchi
Snow (voice)
Natsumi Murakami
Rose (voice)
Minami Takahashi
Grim (voice)
Sayumi Watabe
Freezing Astaroth (voice)
Rina Hidaka
Flaming Belial (voice)


Turns out, evil takes initiative! With world domination close at hand, the Kisaragi Corporation turns its sights on interstellar conquest, and who better to take over a magical world than two randomly assigned minions—Combatant Agent Six and his android partner Alice? But Six’s path up the evil corporate ladder won’t be easy—a Demon Lord’s army is hatching its own nefarious plan!

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