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Stargate - Staffel 10


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As the team embarks upon its tenth year, Vala, a former Goa'uld host turned freedom-fighter, joins SG-1 in their battle to defend the galaxy from the holy war of the Ori. Having discovered the existence of a weapon capable of defeating the Ori, the team is now in a race against time to find it before more systems fall to the influence of the Priors and the threat of the newly arrived Origin fleet. The season is continued with direct-to-DVD film Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

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Action & Abenteuer, Science-Fiction, Drama




Ben Browder
Cameron Mitchell
Amanda Tapping
Samantha Carter
Michael Shanks
Daniel Jackson
Gary Jones
Sgt. Walter Harriman
Claudia Black
Vala Mal Doran
Beau Bridges
Hank Landry
Tony Amendola
Master Bra'Tac