Tohle jsme myTohle jsme my

Tohle jsme my - 2. sezóna (2017)

Původní název: This Is Us


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18 Epizody

Drama, Romantika, Komedie


Sterling K. Brown
Randall Pearson
Chrissy Metz
Kate Pearson
Justin Hartley
Kevin Pearson
Mandy Moore
Rebecca Pearson
Milo Ventimiglia
Jack Pearson
Jon Huertas
Miguel Rivas
Eris Baker
Tess Pearson
Niles Fitch
14-17 Year Old Randall
Faithe Herman
Annie Pearson
Logan Shroyer
14-17 Year Old Kevin
Hannah Zeile
14-17 Year Old Kate
Mackenzie Hancsicsak
8-10 Year Old Kate
Parker Bates
8-10 Year Old Kevin
Lonnie Chavis
8-10 Year Old Randall
Ron Cephas Jones
William Hill


After a devastating loss of a member of his family and a nervous breakdown, Randall decides to change all their lives by making some bold decisions in order to honour the legacies of his father(s). Kate finally decides to pursue a career in singing, supported by her fiancé Toby, which will put their relationship to the test. Meanwhile, Kevin is reunited with his first love Sophie and about to become a huge movie star, until the ghosts of his past catch up with him. Turns out that "The Big Three" depend on Jack and Rebecca - in more ways than they allow themselves to admit it.

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