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Romance, Comedia, Música
1h 30min


Hugo Speer
Martin Luxford
Lisa Stansfield
Joan Woodcock
Paul Usher
Liam Luxford
Rita Tushingham
Mags Luxford
Tom Bell
Sid Luxford
Alexei Sayle
Mighty Mac
Tom Georgeson
Uncle Matty
Del Henney
Colin Wooton
Eddie Webber
Cockney Wanker
Gavin Watson
Orangeman Pianist
Carl Chase
Heavy Metal Landlord
Chris Walker
Prison Warder


When Martin Luxford (Hugo Speer) leaves jail, he decides to form a swing band, having been taught to play the saxophone by his cellmate Jack. Returning to his native Liverpool, Martin pulls together a backing band of misfits and loners, and recruits his ex-girlfriend Joan (Lisa Stansfield) as a singer. Things are complicated somewhat by the fact that Joan is now married to the policeman who arrested Martin, and when the band's first gig - at a heavy metal pub - goes badly, it seems as though the road to musical success may be a rocky one.

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