15 Best Jr NTR Movies and Where To Watch Them

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N.T. Rama Rao Junior, or Jr. NTR as he’s more popularly known, is a Telugu superstar with over 30 lead roles to his name. Have a glimpse at the RRR hero’s best movies along with a handy guide to stream them all.

Where can you stream the best Jr. NTR movies?

Hotstar, Prime Video, and Sun NXT offer a lot of streaming options although you can watch Jr. NTR’s most popular title RRR on Netflix.

Jr. NTR’s Career at a Glance

When your grandfather is an actor and filmmaker with over 300 films to his name and your father too is an actor and producer, you seem to be destined to enter the film industry. This is what happened in the case of Jr. NTR who began making his mark as a child artiste in Telugu movies.

An early career highlight was his lead turn as the Hindu god Ram in Ramayanam, an adaptation of the religious epic Ramayan notably featuring an ensemble made out of only child actors.

However, it was his breakthrough as a lead actor in the 2001 romantic drama Ninnu Choodalani that marked the beginning of a stellar journey. Known for his dynamic screen presence and effortless portrayal of diverse characters, Jr. NTR quickly became a force to reckon with in the Telugu film industry.

Jr. NTR's ability to seamlessly transition between intense roles and light-hearted characters is evident in his filmography. Whether it's essaying the role of a righteous young man fighting against injustice in the coming-of-age action drama Student No. 1 or showcasing his comedic timing in Adhurs, he has displayed a remarkable range that resonates with audiences across demographics.

Moreover, his performance in films like the fantasy-action comedy Yamadonga showcased his willingness to push boundaries and experiment with unconventional roles, earning him both critical acclaim and commercial success. The 2007 hit found him starring in a double role as an orphaned thief and Yama, the Hindu god of death.

His collaborations with blockbuster auteur like SS Rajamouli have resulted in gargantuan successes such as the 2003 action film Simhadri and the 2022 Oscar-winning period epic RRR, where Jr. NTR's portrayal of powerful and charismatic characters garnered widespread acclaim.

RRR’s unprecedented popularity among global audiences paved a new career highlight for Jr. NTR who even got to attend award ceremonies like Golden Globes and the Oscars. While the Globe and Oscar-winning song “Naatu Naatu” didn’t find him sharing his foot-tapping chemistry with co-star Ram Charan, the Telugu star clearly made his presence felt in Hollywood.

Now, as he stars in the upcoming pan-Indian action drama Devara and plans to make his Hindi-language debut with the YRF Spy Cinematic Universe sequel War 2, Jr. NTR is only getting started.

Why is RRR Jr. NTR’s best movie to watch?

Unabashedly over-the-top and self-aware in its grandiose action theatrics, RRR honours overlooked freedom fighters in India’s colonial history while paving a new chapter in contemporary blockbuster filmmaking. Fresh off the success of his two-part Baahubali franchise, SS Rajamouli united Telugu titans Jr. NTR and Ram Charan as Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitaram Raju, two revolutionaries who bring down the oppressive British empire to its knees (with a lot of explosions, gravity-defying hijinks, and an armada of CGI-rendered animals).

Instead of nitpicking any rational physics or historical accuracy, RRR makes for a highly entertaining watch with the triumphant song-and-dance number “Naatu Naatu” as an added bonus. Going through physical workouts to play the valiant co-hero, Jr. NTR has never looked this tougher and never danced this better. RRR will be remembered for its high-octane stunt choreography and its standout song which achieved the rare feat of India winning at the Oscars.

  1. RRR



    IMDB 7.8 (167k)


    A fictional history of two legendary revolutionaries' journey away from home before they began fighting for their country in the 1920s.

  2. Janatha Garage

    Janatha Garage


    IMDB 7.2 (8k)


    Anand is an environmental activist who lives in Mumbai. A chance exchange programme takes him to Hyderabad and here, a chance encounter with Satyam results in him taking over the Janatha Garage from the latter.

  3. Yamadonga



    IMDB 7.2 (4k)


    Raja, an orphaned thief, dies while helping a gang in kidnapping a wealthy heiress, Mahi, in exchange of money. He then lands in Yamlok and fights with Yama, the god of death, to get his life back.

  4. Simhadri



    IMDB 7.3 (3k)


    Simhadri, a loyal servant in a landlord's house, leads a secret life as Singamalai, a powerful leader in the state of Kerala.

  5. Temper



    IMDB 7.4 (7k)


    Daya, a corrupt police officer, finds his life changing when he takes on a case of gang rape.

  6. Brindavanam



    IMDB 7.1 (4k)


    Indu makes her boyfriend Krishna act like her friend Bhoomi's lover so that her family will stop searching for a groom. However, their lives takes a turn when Bhoomi falls in love with Krishna.

  7. Nannaku Prematho...

    Nannaku Prematho...


    IMDB 7.5 (11k)


    Subramanyam, a businessman, is on his deathbed when he tells his sons about a cunning man who stole most of his wealth. Hearing this, Abhiram, the youngest son, lays out a plan to seek his revenge.

  8. Aravinda Sametha... Veera Raghava


    A young scion of a powerful family with a long history of violence decides to put an end to the bloodshed which leads him to a path of self discovery.

  9. Adhurs



    IMDB 6.7 (3k)


    Twin brothers who are separated at birth receive different upbringing. After they grow up, they chance upon each other when one of them gets kidnapped by hoodlums.

  10. Student No. 1

    Student No. 1


    IMDB 6.6 (2k)


    At his father's request, Aditya attends a law college in the coastal metropolis of Visakhapatnam, although he actually wanted to become an engineer. On the first day he meets the beautiful Anjali. Over time, the female student slowly begins to become interested in the strange newcomer, who acts nice and friendly but doesn't seem to be interested in anything else. The college is notorious for its disobediently and disorderly students. It's not the professors who are in charge on campus, but rather the student leader Satya. He is also in love with Anjali and sees Aditya as a competitor who needs to be put in his place. So Aditya faces multiple problems as he tries to reform the unruly students while dealing with his terrible past that everyone doesn't know about.

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  11. Aadi



    IMDB 7.3 (1k)


    Aadi, who is raised by his father's faithful employee, learns about how his parents were cheated and killed by Nagi Reddy. Enraged by the injustice done to his family, he decides to confront Nagi.

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  12. Ramayanam



    IMDB 7.7


    The story dealt with Lord Rama and his retaliation over Ravana, in which all the characters played in the film were child artists.

  13. Jai Lava Kusa

    Jai Lava Kusa


    IMDB 6.8 (6k)


    Jai, Lava and Kusa are triplets who get separated during their childhood because of small clashes. While Jai becomes an evil blooded criminal, the other two, Kusa and Lava end up as small-time crook and bank manager respectively. The twist in the tale arises when Jai kidnaps both the brothers and asks them to help him in his political growth. What is Jai’s agenda? Why did he kidnap his brothers? How can the innocent Lava and Kusa manage the criminal Jai?

  14. Rakhi



    IMDB 6.3 (1k)


    An ambitious and young man named Rama Krishna avenges his sister's death after her in-laws burn her alive due to their greed for dowry. Thereafter, he starts killing every man that harasses a woman.

  15. Baadshah



    IMDB 6.3 (4k)


    Rama Rao fails to get a job with the police force due to his father's connections with a gangster. But when his brother is killed by the gangster, Rama Rao becomes Baadshah to oppose him.