50 Best Mohanlal Movies and Where to Watch Them

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He might have reached his 60s now but age isn’t stopping Mohanlal from reigning supreme in Malayalam cinema. If you love the veteran actor’s multi-decade career, we have got the perfect list for you to glance at his best movies along with a handy guide to stream them all.

Where can you watch Mohanlal’s filmography?

Some of Mohanlal’s recent movies like Drishyam 2 were released directly on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video. As for his other theatrical releases, one can watch them in varied OTT services like Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Sun NXT, Aha, Eros Now, and Lionsgate Play.

Mohanlal’s Career at a Glance

Mohanlal Viswanathan, widely known as Mohanlal, stands as an illustrious figure in Indian cinema, particularly in the Malayalam film industry. Born on May 21, 1960, in Kerala, India, Mohanlal's journey to cinematic stardom is a testament to his unparalleled talent, versatility, and dedication.

Mohanlal's entry into the world of acting was marked by his debut in the Malayalam film Manjil Virinja Pookkal in 1980, directed by Fazil. Although his initial roles went largely unnoticed, it was his portrayal of antagonist characters that caught the audience's attention. With his impeccable acting skills and natural flair, Mohanlal swiftly rose to prominence, establishing himself as one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over four decades, Mohanlal has delivered an extensive range of performances across various genres, showcasing his remarkable versatility as an actor. Whether it be intense dramas, romantic comedies, or action-packed thrillers, Mohanlal's ability to immerse himself into diverse characters has earned him widespread acclaim and adoration.

One of Mohanlal's most iconic roles came in the 1986 crime drama Rajavinte Makan, directed by Thampi Kannanthanam. His portrayal of Vincent Gomas, a character driven by vengeance, garnered critical acclaim and further solidified his position as a powerhouse performer.

Subsequently, Mohanlal continued to captivate audiences with memorable performances in films like the feel-good musical drama Bharatham (1991), the Indo-French psychological dance-centric thriller Vanaprastham (1999), and the mind-twisting crime drama Drishyam (2013), each showcasing his unparalleled acting prowess.

Age is just a number for the Malayalam superstar as he continues to excel as a leading man in recent hits like the sequel to Drishyam, and the epic action period drama Malaikottai Vaaliban (2024).

Beyond his on-screen brilliance, Mohanlal has also ventured into various other aspects of filmmaking. He has successfully donned the hat of a producer with his production company, Pranavam Arts, and has also exhibited his directorial skills in films like the 2024 epic fantasy Barroz that finds Mohanlal also playing the titular character, a guardian of Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama’s treasure.

Mohanlal's contributions to Indian cinema extend beyond the borders of Malayalam cinema. He has made notable appearances in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films, winning accolades and admiration from audiences across the country. His ability to seamlessly adapt to different languages and cultures further underscores his status as a truly versatile actor.

Why is Manichithrathazhu Mohanlal’s best movie to watch?

Manichithrathazhu is a cult horror-comedy that went on to be remade in numerous languages like Tamil (Chandramukhi) and Hindi (Bhool Bhulaiyaa). But none of these remakes match Mohanlal’s original that is effective with subtleties in its comedies and a genuine atmospheric chillness echoes with its premise of a woman being possessed by a dancer’s spirit. Mohanlal plays a psychiatrist intent on solving the mystery connected to a spooky, old bungalow. There’s a lot to uncover in this hilarious but profound horror that continues to entertain Mohanlal fans to this day.

  1. Manichitrathazhu



    IMDB 8.7 (12k)


    A young couple, Ganga and Nakulan, arrives at the ancestral home called Madampalli of the latter. Hailing from a family that follows tradition and superstitions, Nakulan's uncle Thampi objects to the couple's idea of moving into the allegedly haunted mansion, which Nakulan ignores. The couple moves in anyway following which seemingly supernatural events begin to happen.

  2. Kireedam



    IMDB 8.9 (8k)


    Sethu aspires to become a police officer to fulfil his father's dream. However, his life turns upside down when he intervenes in a scuffle with a criminal to save his father's life.

  3. Drishyam 2

    Drishyam 2


    IMDB 8.4 (40k)


    7 years after the events of Drishyam, the family lives with the trauma from that fateful night. A gripping tale of an investigation and a family threatened by it. Will Georgekutty be able to protect his family this time?

  4. Nadodikkattu



    IMDB 8.8 (5k)


    After losing their jobs, Dasan and Vijayan have no hope of finding work in Kerala. They plan to escape to Dubai, but end up in Chennai. Can they find luck there?

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  5. Devasuram



    IMDB 8.7 (6k)


    Neelakantan, heir to his father's fortunes, is an apparent menace to society. He once belittles a dancer but later they fall in love. Shekharan, an arch enemy, kidnaps his lover due to an old enmity.

  6. Malaikottai Vaaliban


    Malaikottai Vaaliban, an uncontested warrior proves himself to be a reigning hero across time and geographies, defeating every opponent he encounters. As Vaaliban continues his victorious journey along with his aids Chinnappaiyyan & Ayyanar meets Rangapattinam Rangarani, an ethereal dancer at a betting parlour in Nooraanathalayur. This is the moment that also invites Chamathakan, a villainous presence who will shadow Vaaliban through the rest of his journey. This group then proceed on journey with many twists and turns that leads Vaaliban to his ultimate challenge.

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  7. Kilukkam



    IMDB 8.6 (4k)


    Nandini is an illegitimate child who comes to Ooty in search of her father. She meets Joji, a tourist guide, and pretends to be mentally unstable in order to get shelter in his house.

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  8. Spadikam



    IMDB 8.6 (6k)


    Chacko master, a school headmaster, is never happy with his son, Thomas, and always degrades him. However, having had enough of him, Thomas runs away from home only to return as a gangster after long.

  9. Thoovanathumbikal



    IMDB 8.6 (4k)


    Jayakrishnan falls in love with two girls, Radha (a villager) and Clara (a sex-worker), and fights his confusion about whom he should marry and spend his life with.

  10. Iruvar



    IMDB 8.4 (7k)


    A fictionalized account of the lives of 1980s Tamil Nadu political icons M. G. Ramachandran and M. Karunanidhi, continuing the tryst between Tamil cinema and Dravidian politics.

  11. Drishyam



    IMDB 8.3 (43k)


    Georgekutty lives a happy life with his wife and daughters. Things take a turn when his daughter gets indecently filmed using a hidden camera, by the son of a police inspector.

  12. Kaalapani



    IMDB 8.5 (4k)


    Govardhan, a doctor by profession, is wrongly accused of bombing a train and is jailed by the British in Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He witnesses sufferings of hundreds of Indian prisoners there.

  13. Guru



    IMDB 8.5 (3k)


    A few political goons, disguised as Muslims, cause trouble at the temple and kill Raghuraman's family. Later, Raghuraman joins an extremist group and decides to avenge his family's death.

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  14. Chithram



    IMDB 8.6 (6k)


    A young woman is dumped by her boyfriend just before the wedding as she will not be inheriting any wealth from her father. When the girl's father pays her a visit, she hires a man to act like her husband.

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  15. Thanmathra



    IMDB 8.4 (4k)


    A man leading a happy life with his loving wife and two children suddenly starts getting forgetful and lost. Then, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease leaving his family devastated.

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    Thanmathra is not available for streaming.
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  16. Bharatham



    IMDB 8.4 (3k)


    Raman and Gopi are brothers who have a musical heritage. Raman's addiction towards alcohol becomes a threat to his career and Gopi is forced to take up his role.

  17. Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal


    Centred around a brewing romance, P. Padmarajan’s impeccable writing and direction paints a fascinating, layered portrait of a Syrian Christian family. Loosely inspired from the Biblical “Song of Songs,” this drama starring Mohanlal is a gem of ’80s Malayalam cinema.

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  18. Dasharatham



    IMDB 8.5 (2k)


    Rajiv, a chronic bachelor and a business tycoon, decides to have a child. Annie, who has financial needs, agrees to help him and give birth to Rajiv's child through artificial insemination.

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    Dasharatham is not available for streaming.
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  19. Sadayam



    IMDB 8.5 (1k)


    Sathyanathan is condemned to death for brutally murdering four persons – two adults and two young girls – and is awaiting his final call. He shows no remorse and is just as cheerful as a man who knows he has done no wrong. In a series of flashbacks, Sathyanathan's story is revealed.

  20. Yoddha



    IMDB 8.4 (4k)


    Fate brings a young man from rural Kerala to be the protector of a young Lama in Nepal, who is being chased by a dangerous cult.