30 Best Suriya Movies and Where to Watch Them

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Starting out in the 2000s and still reigning supreme with hype-worthy projects like the fantasy actioner Kanguva. Suriya has been a prominent figure in the Tamil film industry. If you wish to have a look at the Tamil superstar’s greatest hits, here’s the ultimate watchlist of the best Suriya movies.

Where to watch Suriya’s best movies?

Prime Video offers some of Suriya’s best movies in recent times, like Jai Bhim and Soorarai Pottru. Other titles are available on Voot, ZEE5, Netflix, and Sun NXT.

What sets Suriya apart in the Tamil industry?

Born as Saravanan Sivakumar in Chennai, India, Suriya made his acting debut in 1997 with the romantic action thriller Nerukku Ner (which notably featured fellow Tamil star Thalapathy Vijay). However, it was his breakthrough role as a misunderstood social misfit in the 2001 action drama Nandha that marked the beginning of his rise to stardom.

Known for his intense emotional prowess and ability to portray a wide range of characters (often twice in the same movie), Suriya has become a beloved figure among Tamil cinema audiences. His dedication to his craft is evident in his diverse filmography, which spans across genres such as action, drama, romance, and science fiction.

How to watch Suriya’s movies by genre?

Notable films like the cop drama Kaakha Kaakha, the sci-fi martial arts flick 7Aum Arivu (with Suriya in a double role as legendary martial artist Boddhidharma and his future descendant) and the military-focused father-son drama Vaaranam Aayiram showcased his dramatic capabilities and garnered critical acclaim.

Suriya's success is not limited to regional cinema; he has also made a mark in the national film circuits. His role as a mustachioed, tough-as-nails police officer in the 2010 film Singam and its sequels established him as an action star and earned him a pan-Indian fan base. Singam inspired a Bollywood franchise of the same name with Ajay Devgn filling in for Suriya. Interestingly, the Hindi actor also acted in Suriya's role as a student leader in Yuva, a Hindi remake of the acclaimed Tamil political drama Ayitha Ezhuthu.

Another pan-Indian cult classic to stream is the neo-noir Ghajini that starred Suriya as a good-natured businessman who suffers from short-term memory loss and sets out on a blood path of vengeance after his ladylove is brutally murdered. Inspired by elements from Christopher Nolan’s Memento, Ghajini turned Suriya into an action star but with a sense of introspective maturity. Ghajini’s commercial success inspired an equally well-received Bollywood movie of the same name with Aamir Khan in the lead.

With the turn of the decade, the actor's forayed into experimental and socially relevant films. The 2016 sci-fi drama 24 continued Suriya’s tendency to play multiple characters, this time playing a trio of identical faces. Revolving around a time-traveling watch and its catastrophic consequences, the movie was a game changer for sci-fi in Tamil films.

A passionate advocate of social causes like public literacy for the underprivileged, Suriya’s commitment to impactful storytelling could further be witnessed in social dramas like the anti-caste-legal thriller Jai Bhim that featured him as Advocate Chandru, a real-life lawyer and activist who fought for lower castes in Tamil Nadu.

Why is Soorarai Pottru Suriya’s best movies?

The National Award-winning underdog tale Soorarai Pottru offered a memorable performance by Suriya as a villager who dreams of starting his own affordable low-cost airline, a Herculean task he archives after a string of personal and bureaucratic challenges. An inspiring performance inspired by the real-life story of aviation industry pioneer G Gopinath, Suriya evoked a nuanced sentimentality from his viewers. The pandemic might have prevented Soorarai Pottru from getting a widespread theatrical release but its release on Prime Video was enough to draw raves from critics and audiences alike.

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  1. Soorarai Pottru

    Soorarai Pottru


    IMDB 8.7 (124k)


    Nedumaaran Rajangam "Maara" sets out to make the common man fly and in the process takes on the world's most capital intensive industry and several enemies who stand in his way.

  2. Jai Bhim

    Jai Bhim


    IMDB 8.7 (217k)


    When a tribal man is arrested for a case of alleged theft, his wife turns to a human-rights lawyer to help bring justice.

  3. Ghajini



    IMDB 7.5 (15k)


    After being hit by an iron rod, Sanjay Ramaswamy, a business tycoon, suffers from anterograde amnesia. He is unable to remember anything beyond fifteen minutes. Under such circumstances, he sets out on a quest to find the people who were responsible for his lover Kalpana's murder.

  4. 24



    IMDB 7.9 (24k)


    A scientist invents a time machine but his evil twin brother is after it and will go to any lengths to get the device in his hands.

  5. Pithamagan



    IMDB 8.3 (7k)


    A young orphan grows up in a graveyard and is devoid of any human feelings; when he leaves the cemetery and meets people, he experiences emotions for the first time.

  6. Vaaranam Aayiram

    Vaaranam Aayiram


    IMDB 8.2 (14k)


    A son deals with the death of his father and examines how their relationship influences him through growing up, romance, tragedy and adventure.

  7. Kaakha Kaakha

    Kaakha Kaakha


    IMDB 8.0 (6k)


    After a police team kills his brother, a drug-dealing gangster vows to kill the entire team and their respective families.

    Watch Now

    Kaakha Kaakha is not available for streaming.
    Let us notify you when you can watch it.

  8. Singam



    IMDB 6.9 (7k)


    The story, set in the backdrop of Nallore, a small town in Thoothukudi District, revolves around Sub-Inspector Durai Singam, a brave and just policeman who serves in his hometown primarily to fulfill his father’s wish. Durai Singam settles every dispute in his town patiently with his words of wisdom and resorts to force only when the situation demands it. Kavya, a city girl who comes on vacation to Nallore, falls in love with Durai Singam. Erimalai, Durai Singam's bumbling colleague and friend, often accompanies him.

  9. Aayitha Ezhuthu

    Aayitha Ezhuthu


    IMDB 7.9 (5k)


    A goon, who dreams of making it big in life, a student leader, who strives to keep politicians away from college election and a third guy who wants to settle abroad. Their lives change after an incident on a bridge.

    Watch Now

    Aayitha Ezhuthu is not available for streaming.
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  10. Nandha



    IMDB 7.6 (2k)


    Nandha returns after serving his term for killing his father. Although he killed him to save his mother, she does not forgive him. He is then taken in by Periyavar, who shelters Sri Lankan refugees.

  11. Friends



    IMDB 7.9 (5k)


    A man values his best friend more than anything else in the world. One day he confesses a dark secret from their childhood to his wife, which is overheard by another. Once the secret gets out, the friendship is destroyed.

  12. 7Aum Arivu

    7Aum Arivu


    IMDB 6.6 (13k)


    A genetic engineering student tries to bring back the skills of a legend of the past and use his skills to save India from a deadly virus attack by China.

  13. Mounam Pesiyadhe

    Mounam Pesiyadhe


    IMDB 7.8 (2k)


    Gautham, who runs a restaurant, falls in love with his friend Kannan's cousin, Sandhya. Problems arise when Gautham learns that Kannan's parents want Kannan to marry Sandhya.

  14. Ayan



    IMDB 7.6 (11k)


    Deva works for Arumugam, a smuggler, who has taken care of him for many years. However, when his best friend gets killed, Deva decides to help the police to nab a dangerous drug lord.

  15. Nerrukku Ner

    Nerrukku Ner


    IMDB 7.4 (2k)


    Raghu and Shanti are divorced couple which sparks problems between both respective younger brothers.

  16. Uyirile Kalanthathu


    A man, who is the youngest in the family and much pampered, is detested by his elder brother. He falls for a girl and decides to meet her family, but out of animosity, his brother damages his image in front of them.

  17. Rakht Charitra 2

    Rakht Charitra 2


    IMDB 6.5 (3k)


    The sequel carries forward the tale of power and revenge which exploded in Rakht Charitra 1. The rebel leader turned politician, Pratap consolidates his political base but is forced to retread the path of vengeance once again after a rival from the past, Surya Narayan Reddy chooses to avenge the assassination of his family. Surya swears vengeance against Pratap after his family is wiped out in a bomb attack and Pratap is hell bent on decimating his enemy, even if it means separating ways with his mentor and political veteran, Shivaji.

  18. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

    Sillunu Oru Kaadhal


    IMDB 7.1 (3k)


    Gowtham and Kundhavi married then she finds a diary from his time at college, five years earlier. She thinks he would rather be married to Aishwarya, his college sweetheart, so she makes arrangements for them to meet again.

    Watch Now

    Sillunu Oru Kaadhal is not available for streaming.
    Let us notify you when you can watch it.

  19. Thaanaa Serndha Koottam


    Angered by the corruption that stopped him from becoming a CBI officer, a young man forms a gang who pose as CBI officers and raids the corrupt.

  20. Unnai Ninaithu


    A young man tries to explain to his lover that her fiance is a crook. She refuses to believe him. Later, she realizes her mistake and comes back to him. But the man now loves another woman.