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Minority Report


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John Anderton is a top 'Precrime' cop in the late-21st century, when technology can predict crimes before they're committed. But Anderton becomes the quarry when another investigator targets him for a murder charge.

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IMDB 7.6 (583k)


Mystery & Thriller, Action & Adventure, Crime, Science-Fiction


2h 24min

Age rating


Production country

United States


Steven Spielberg


Tom Cruise
Chief John Anderton [Pre-Crime]
Samantha Morton
Agatha [Pre-Cog Chamber]
Max von Sydow
Director Lamar Burgess [Pre-Crime]
Colin Farrell
Agent Danny Witwer [FBI]
Kathryn Morris
Lara Clarke
Steve Harris
Jad [Pre-Crime]
Neal McDonough
Fletcher [Pre-Crime]
Patrick Kilpatrick
Knott [Pre-Crime]
Jessica Capshaw
Evanna [Pre-Crime]
Daniel London
Wally the Caretaker [Pre-Cog Chamber]
Lois Smith
Dr. Iris Hineman [The Greenhouse]
Tim Blake Nelson
Gideon [Department of Containment]
Peter Stormare
Dr. Solomon Eddie [Operating Room]
Caroline Lagerfelt
Greta van Eyck [Operating Room]
Jason Antoon
Rufus Riley at Cyber Parlor [The Mall]
Mike Binder
Leo Crow
Arye Gross
Howard Marks
Ashley Crow
Sarah Marks
Joel Gretsch
Donald Doobin
Anna Maria Horsford
Casey [Pre-Crime]
Sarah Simmons
Lamar Burgess' Secretary [Pre-Crime]
George D. Wallace
Chief Justice Pollard [Pre-Crime Witness]
Ann Ryerson
Dr. Katherine James [Pre-Crime Witness]
Tyler Patrick Jones
Older Sean Anderton
Dominic Scott Kay
Younger Sean Anderton
Jessica Harper
Anne Lively
Richard Coca
Pre-Crime Cop
Keith Campbell
Pre-Crime Cop
Kirk B.R. Woller
Pre-Crime Cop
Frank Grillo
Pre-Crime Cop
Klea Scott
Pre-Crime Cop
Eugene Osment
Jad's Technician [Pre-Crime]
James Henderson
Office Worker [Pre-Crime]
Vene L. Arcoraci
Office Worker [Pre-Crime]
Erica Ford
Employee [Pre-Crime]
Keith Flippen
Tour Guide [Pre-Crime]
Nathan Taylor
Kid Tourist [Pre-Crime]
Radmar Agana Jao
Technician [Pre-Crime]
Karina Logue
Technician [Pre-Crime]
Elizabeth Anne Smith
Technician [Pre-Crime]
Victoria Garcia-Kelleher
Technician [Pre-Crime]
Jim Rash
Technician [Pre-Crime]
Stephen Ramsey
Jucket - Agent #1 [FBI]
Tom Choi
Paymen - Agent #2 [FBI]
Tom Whitenight
Price - Agent #3 [FBI]
William Morts
Foley - Agent #4 [FBI]
Michael Dickman
Arthur [Pre-Cog Chamber]
Matthew Dickman
Dashiell [Pre-Cog Chamber]
William Mesnik
Cyber Parlor Customer [The Mall]
Franklin Scott
Conceited Customer [The Mall]
Severin Wunderman
Skiing Customer [The Mall]
Max Trumpower
Homeless Person [The Mall]
Rocael Leiva
Hamburger Dad [The Chase]
Nicholas Edwin Barb
Homework Boy [The Chase]
Catfish Bates
Tenement Snitch [The Chase]
Danny Parker-Lopes
Man [Tenement Bldg.]
Vanessa Cedotal
Woman [Tenement Bldg.]
Katy Boyer
Mother [Tenement Bldg.]
Adrianna Kamosa
Child [Tenement Bldg.]
Kari Gordon
Child [Tenement Bldg.]
Elizabeth Kamosa
Child [Tenement Bldg.]
Raquel Gordon
Child [Tenement Bldg.]
Laurel Kamosa
Child [Tenement Bldg.]
Fiona Hale
Old Woman
Pamela Roberts
Violent Wife [Tenement Bldg.]
Clement Blake
Husband [Tenement Bldg.]
Jerry Perchesky
Grandfather [Tenement Bldg.]
Victor Raider-Wexler
Attorney General Nash [The Ballroom]
Nancy Linehan Charles
Celeste Burgess [The Ballroom]
Nadia Axakowsky
Reporter [The Ballroom]
Dude Walker
Reporter [The Ballroom]
Drakeel Burns
Reporter [The Ballroom]
William Mapother
Hotel Clerk
Morgan Hasson
Andrew Sandler
Marks' Son
Bonnie Morgan
Kathi Copeland
Murder Bystander
Ana Maria Quintana
Murder Bystander
Lucille M. Oliver
Murder Bystander
Gene Wheeler
Murder Bystander
Tonya Ivey
Gap Girl
David Stifel
Lycon - Seller of Black Inhalers
Kurt Sinclair
Adulation #1
Rebecca Ritz
Adulation #2
John Bennett
Adulation #4
Maureen Dunn
Adulation #5
Blake Bashoff
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
David Doty
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Gina Gallego
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
David Hornsby
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Anne Judson-Yager
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Meredith Monroe
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Benita Krista Nall
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Shannon O'Hurley
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Jorge-Luis Pallo
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Elizabeth Payne
Pre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Ethan Sherman
Revo Sunglass Model [Commercial]
Miles Dinsmoor
Guinness Man [Commercial]
Vanessa Asbert
Bulgari Model [Commercial]
Paul Thomas Anderson
Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Cameron Crowe
Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Cameron Diaz
Bus Passenger (uncredited)