The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street


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A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography.

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IMDB 8.2 (1m)


Crime, Drama, Comedy


3h 0min

Age rating


Production country

United States


Martin Scorsese


Leonardo DiCaprio
Jordan Belfort
Jonah Hill
Donnie Azoff
Margot Robbie
Naomi Lapaglia
Kyle Chandler
Agent Patrick Denham
Matthew McConaughey
Mark Hanna
Rob Reiner
Max Belfort
Jon Bernthal
Brad Bodnick
Jon Favreau
Manny Riskin
Jean Dujardin
Jean-Jacques Handali
Joanna Lumley
Aunt Emma
Cristin Milioti
Teresa Petrillo
Christine Ebersole
Leah Belfort
Shea Whigham
Captain Ted Beecham
Katarina Čas
P.J. Byrne
Nicky "Rugrat" Koskoff
Kenneth Choi
Chester Ming
Brian Sacca
Robbie "Pinhead" Feinberg
Henry Zebrowski
Alden "Sea Otter" Kupferberg
Ethan Suplee
Toby Welch
Barry Rothbart
Peter DeBlasio
Jake Hoffman
Steve Madden
Mackenzie Meehan
Hildy Azoff
Bo Dietl
Bo Dietl
Jon Spinogatti
Nicholas the Butler
Aya Cash
Janet (Jordan's Assistant)
Rizwan Manji
Stephanie Kurtzuba
Kimmie Belzer
J.C. MacKenzie
Lucas Solomon
Ashlie Atkinson
Rochelle Applebaum
Thomas Middleditch
Stratton Broker in a Bowtie
Stephen Kunken
Jerry Fogel
Edward Herrmann
Stratton Oakmont Commercial (voice)
Jordan Belfort
Auckland Straight Line Host
Ted Griffin
Agent Hughes
Fran Lebowitz
Honorary Samantha Stogel
Robert Clohessy
Nolan Drager (Jordan's Lawyer)
Natasha Newman-Thomas
Danielle Harrison
Sandra Nelson
Aliyah Farran (Forbes Reporter)
Johnnie Mae
Violet (Housekeeper)
Christina Jeffs
Venice (Dominatrix)
Zana Markelson
Swiss Flight Attendant #2
Welker White
Danny Flaherty
Zip (Lude Buying Teenager #1)
Carla Corvo
Dustin Kerns
Ben Jenner
Ashley Blankenship
Sales Assistant #1 (in Men's Room)
Madison McKinley
Kerry Malloy
Helicopter Pilot
Aaron Lazar
Blair Hollingsworth
Steve Routman
SEC Attorney #1
Steve Witting
SEC Attorney #2
Charley Morgan
SEC Attorney #3
Michael Nathanson
Barry Kleinman
Natalie Bensel
Bottoms Up Hooker
Jaclyn Keys
Nasdaq Hooker
Krista Ashworth
Pink Sheet Hooker
Kathleen Fellegara
Straight Line Testimonial #1
Dan Bittner
Rothschild Broker #1
John Behlmann
Rothschild Broker #2
Ward Horton
Rothschild Broker #3
Bret Shuford
Rothschild Broker #4
Paul Monte Jr.
Rothschild Broker #5
Ellen Sexton
Rothschild Broker #6
J.T. O'Connor
Rothschild Broker #8
Steven Boyer
Investor's Center Broker #1
Danny A. Abeckaser
Investor's Center Broker #2
Tracy Friedman
Investor's Center Broker #3
Matthew Rauch
Stratton Broker #1
Michael Izquierdo
Stratton Broker #2
Donnie Keshawarz
Stratton Broker #3
Johnathan Tchaikovsky
Stratton Broker #4
Aaron Glaser
Stratton Broker #5
Ben Rameaka
Stratton Broker #6
Brian Charles Johnson
Young Broker
Sebastian Tillinger
Another Broker
Chris Riggi
Party Broker #1
Dan Hunter
Party Broker #2
Meghan Rafferty
Donnie's Assistant
José Ramón Rosario
Maitre d' Hector
Davram Stiefler
Broker in Men's Room
Dan Daily
Honorary Raymond Samitz
Ben Van Bergen
Swiss Customs Officer #1
Matte Osian
Swiss Customs Officer #2
Michael Devine
Cop #1
Jason Furlani
Cop #2
Scott Nicholson
Police Officer #1
Jeremy Bobb
Police Officer #2
Dean Auer
Brookville Police Officer #1
Tom Greer
Brookville Police Officer #2
Sharon Jones
Wedding Singer #1
Starr Duncan-Lowe
Wedding Singer #2
Saundra Williams
Wedding Singer #3
Emily Tremaine
Zineb Oukach
Hostess on The Naomi
Giselle Eisenberg
Skylar Belfort (4 Years Old)
Deema Aitken
Lude Buying Teenager #2
Ashley Springer
Job Applicant #1
Justin Anthony Long
Job Applicant #2
Gregory Perri
Job Applicant #3
Viki Boyle
Wedding Minister
Chris Caldovino
Rocco #1
Marcos A. Gonzalez
Rocco #2
Chris Matesevac
Break Dancing Broker #1
Justin Yllanes
Break Dancing Broker #2
Rémy Bennett
Catherine Curtin
FBI Agent #1
Paul Urcioli
FBI Agent #2
Michael O'Hara
Prison Guard
Michael Bryan French
Inmate Playing Tennis #2
Adria Baratta
Sales Assistant #3
Armen Garo
Rao's Patron #1
Garry Pastore
Rao's Patron #2
Louis Vanaria
Rao's Patron #3
Lawrence Smith
Extra Broker #1
Hardy Winburn
Extra Broker #2
Peter Youngblood Hills
Audience Member #1
Daniel Hepner
Audience Member #2
Brendan Griffin
Audience Member #3
Derek Milman
Audience Member #4
Victor Verhaeghe
Audience Member #5
Spike Jonze
Dwayne (uncredited)
Martin Scorsese
John (voice) (uncredited)
Fileena Bahris
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Silvia Kal
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Kamron Leal
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Tommy Bayiokos
Kacandes Diner Man (uncredited)
Gianni Biasetti Jr.
Italian Coastguard (uncredited)
Rick Bolander
Broker (uncredited)
Spenser Granese
Broker (uncredited)
Julian Brand
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Kenneth Carrella
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Austin Farwell
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Zach Miko
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Tyler Evan Rowe
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Stefano Villabona
Stratton Broker (uncredited)
Gregory Brown
Upper Eastside Pedestrian (uncredited)
Tucker Bryan
Wolfpack #4 (uncredited)
Michael Jefferson
Wolfpack #1 (uncredited)
Bryan Burton
Young Stratton Inc. Broker (uncredited)
Mike Catapano
Broker Applicant (uncredited)
Steven Conroy
Audience Member (uncredited)
Kelsey Deanne
Pool Party Guest (uncredited)
Maria Di Angelis
Nicky Koskoff's Escort (uncredited)
London Hall
Swiss Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Rosemary Howard
Rao's Pedestrian (uncredited)
Chris Kerson
Kimmie Belzer's Desk Mate (uncredited)
Natasha Kojic
Singer (uncredited)
Ben Leasure
Brantley (uncredited)
Paul Jude Letersky
Marina Sightseer (uncredited)
Will MacAdam
Irritated Plane Passinger (uncredited)
Jeff Moffitt
Party Goer (uncredited)
Chris Nunez
Miami Busboy (uncredited)
Seregon O'Dassey
Masseuse to Donnie Azoff (uncredited)
Joseph Oliveira
Court Room Attendant (uncredited)
Michael Power
Seminar Guest (uncredited)
Nicole Rutigliano
Stripper (uncredited)
Sibyl Santiago
Convention Attendee (uncredited)
Vitaliy Shtabnoy
Kent - Broker (uncredited)
Madeleine Wade
Call Girl (uncredited)
Blago Simon
Stock Broker (uncredited)
Paul Thornton
1st Class Swiss Airline Passenger (uncredited)
David Wenzel
Banker (uncredited)
Joe Zaso
Rudy (uncredited)
Claudette Lalí
Strip Girl (uncredited)
Francis Brooke
Conference Attendee (uncredited)
Martin Klebba
Azoff's Bullseye (uncredited)