Witchcraft: The Doll in Brambles


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Madame Tirelou is a witch who will not allow her daughter Marie to marry her true love Louis. The witch puts a curse on Louis should he ever set eyes on Marie again. Louis enlists the help of his old friend Fred to break the witch's spell so the young lovers may finally marry. However, Madame Tirelou proves more powerful than non-believer Fred bargained for. This is actually the Un-Aired Pilot of what was planned to be a weekly television show to run in a 30 minute spot.


IMDB 6.5





País de producción

Estados Unidos


Harold Young


Blanche Yurka
Madame Tirelou
John Baragrey
Darren McGavin
Robert Middleton
Martin Plomb
Bruno Wick
Dr. Malin
Franchot Tone
Your Host
Annemarie Roussel