Netflix Kids - Netflix's section for kids movies and shows

Wondering which movies and tv shows you can watch on the Netflix Kids section?
Netflix Kids is a separate section on Netflix where you can safely let your children browse through the movies and shows made for them. The content is very varied: Disney Channel movies, Disney shows, family movies of all genres, new and old kids shows, 90s kids shows, educational shows, Netflix Originals for kids and many more.
We created a provider named Netflix Kids, to help parents browse the "Netflix Kids section". You can find movies and shows aimed at young audiences and choose amongst the best kids movies and kids shows to stream with your children.
Discover all the best family movies and kids shows that you can stream right now on Netflix for Kids. Search, filter and compare prices to find the best place where you can buy or rent movies and shows.

How to access the kids section on Netflix?

After you log into your account, Netflix asks you to choose a profile. Besides the persons that share the account, you can also find one profile named "Kids". If you're already logged in, you can easily change the profile to "Kids" in the upper right corner. Alternatively you can just click here to access Netflix Kids and watch the best movies and shows with your children.
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