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Drama, Music & Musical, Made in Europe


2h 3min



Roy Scheider
Joe Gideon
Ann Reinking
Kate Jagger
Leland Palmer
Audrey Paris
Cliff Gorman
Davis Newman
Ben Vereen
O'Connor Flood
Michael Tolan
Dr. Ballinger
Max Wright
Joshua Penn
Irene Kane
Leslie Perry
Robert Hitt
Ted Christopher
David Margulies
Larry Goldie
John Lithgow
Lucas Sergeant
Sandahl Bergman
Principal Dancer
Eileen Casey
Principal Dancer
Bruce Anthony Davis
Principal Dancer
Gary Flannery
Principal Dancer
Jennifer Nairn-Smith
Principal Dancer
Danny Ruvolo
Principal Dancer
Leland Schwantes
Principal Dancer
John Sowinski
Principal Dancer
Candace Tovar
Principal Dancer
Rima Vetter
Principal Dancer
Trudy Carson
Fan Dancer
P.J. Mann
Fan Dancer / Menage Partner
Cathy Rice
Fan Dancer
Sonja Stuart
Fan Dancer
Terri Treas
Fan Dancer
Ralph E. Berntsen
Rock Band Drums
Jan Flato
Rock Band Keyboard
John Paul Fetta
Rock Band Bass
Andy Schwartz
Rock Band Guitar
Phil Friedman
Murray Nathan
Stephen Strimpell
Alvin Rackmil
Leonard Drum
Insurance Man
Eugene Troobnick
Insurance Doctor
Ben Masters
Dr. Garry
Cathie Shirriff
Nurse Briggs
Joanna Merlin
Nurse Pierce
Leah Ayres
Nurse Capobianco
Harry Agress
Resident MD
CCH Pounder
Nurse Blake
Tito Goya
Wayne Carson
Assistant Stage Manager
Kerry Casserly
Dancer Backstage
Judi Passeltiner
Dancer Backstage
Steve Elmore
Cast of NY/LA
Vicki Frederick
Menage Partner
Minnie Gaster
Script Supervisor
Michael Green
Clapper Boy
Joyce Ellen Hill
Nurse Collins
I.M. Hobson
Cast of NY/LA
Edith Kramer
Manager, Rehersal Studio
Mary McCarty
Cast of NY/LA
Theresa Merritt
Cast of NY/LA
Gavin Moses
Apprentice Editor
Wallace Shawn
Assistant Insurance Man
Jacqueline Solotar
Autograph Seeker
Sammy Smith
Cast of NY/LA


Joe Gideon is at the top of the heap, one of the most successful directors and choreographers in musical theater. But he can feel his world slowly collapsing around him - his obsession with work has almost destroyed his personal life, and only his bottles of pills keep him going.

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