Plex new releases

Plex is constantly adding and removing movies and tv series to its streaming catalog. If you have the feeling you already saw everything or can’t figure out what new content to watch, you will love the JustWatch Timeline. Every day, we list the new releases on Plex to help you stay up to date and never miss a new movie or TV series.

30 titles
Dearest Jane
TINSEL: The Lost Movie About Hollywood
Darkness Waits
Another Plan from Outer Space
Swamp Ape
The Tigers of Scotland
The Pining
The Landline Detective
Streets of Vengeance
71 titles
Hot Summer Nights
Devil's Gate
Fear, Inc.
Life of a King
Children of Sorrow
Happy Endings Sleepover
Close Range
The Show
May 12, 2021
128 titles
Vampire Virus
Shadows on the Road
The Unseen
My Funny Valentine
What About ME?
Hello Gangster
Nintendo Quest
Killer Piñata
May 11, 2021
1 titles
American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel
May 10, 2021
17 titles
My Big Phat Hip Hop Family
Abandoned Souls
Let's Shake On It
Baja Beach Bums
Mississippi Shakedown
The Locator
Kidnapped Souls
Redemption for Easter
The Evil One
'Til Love Comes