Kubernetes: how YAML file becomes a running process

May 4, 2022

First, What is a DevLunch?

Although this is the first ever DevLunch posted to our blog, the JustWatch DevLunch is an event our team has been doing almost since the very beginning. Learning is one of our core values, and we find that sharing knowledge internally is one of the best ways to learn!

DevLunches started off as it sounds - with a lunch. In the week or so before the regularly scheduled lunch, our team would make sure to offer up suggestions and place their votes on potential presentation topics. Depending on who was available and whatever topic had the most votes, a presentation (and presenter) was chosen. On the day of, our developers would gather in the biggest meeting room, after spending part of the morning placing a lunch order. While most of the team happily munched away, the presenter showed slides while discussing their topic, as demonstrated in the video below by our Head of Infrastructure, Martin P.

Why Now?

Most of our team is still working from home. The transition to virtual DevLunches was less straightforward than we had hoped, and the presentations tapered off a bit. We’re hoping to bring these back in full force as some return to the office, but for those team members who won’t be in Berlin, or unfortunately don’t have the time to join, we will have recordings like these, that we will continue sharing on our Blog!

We’re happy to share our knowledge internally, and now we’re happy to share that knowledge publically as well!

DevLunch - Kubernetes: how YAML file becomes a running process

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