Having Good Update Meetings

June 10, 2022

Our next DevLunch is a bit different from what we’ve done in the past. Instead of focusing on a specific service, technology or process we use at JustWatch, this DevLunch leans more toward Project Management - organizing good update meetings.

In the past year, Leo, or Head of SEO has been in the forefront of some major technical projects at JustWatch, the biggest being the implementation of Server-Side Rendering (SSR).

Keeping organized was vital to this project, especially as it became much more complicated and took longer than our teams expected. Having good update meetings to track the project progress was essential. Implementing these types of meeting structures, even in smaller meetings, can lead to more purposeful, planned and effective time usage - and hopefully fewer long drawn out meetings, where everyone leaves a little frustrated.

DevLunch - Having Good Update Meetings

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