gopass - Getting a new home

May 28, 2018

gopass - Getting a new home

When we started gopass we had no idea how the response would be. While we were convinced that we started something useful, we didn’t know how many people outside our organization felt the same.

More than a year has passed and we learned that a lot of people seem to interested in gopass:

Also we learned through conversations with users that gopass is used in a lot of teams.

And while we believe that gopass will have a great future at JustWatch we still wanted to ensure that gopass can prosper with or without company support.

Thus we decided to move gopass and it’s accompanying projects - like gopassbridge - to it’s own GitHub Organization: gopasspw.

This makes it easier to setup appropriate teams and permissions without corporate GitHub restrictions.

This post was brought to you by Dominik Schulz, Head of Infrastructure.

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