Apocalypse Now - Final Cut


Terror, Mistério & Thriller, Drama, Guerra & Militar
3h 3min


Marlon Brando
Colonel Kurtz
Martin Sheen
Captain Willard
Robert Duvall
Lt. Col. Kilgore
Dennis Hopper
Harrison Ford
Colonel Lucas
Laurence Fishburne
Tyrone Clean Miller


Given that the Apocalypse Now original was not only long, but also unusual in style and substance for a film at that time, we tended to cut whenever possible, not only in time but also in what then was considered ‘weirdness’. Maybe 15 years later I happened to catch a TV viewing of it in a hotel, and as I always enjoyed seeing the beginning, started watching and ending up seeing the whole film. I realized that just with that time elapsed, that the film was not as weird as I had thought, and had become more ‘contemporary’. The opinion of many people that so much great stuff had been cut out, led to what was later called Apocalypse Now Redux […].That version had all that had been cut out, restored. Later on, once again, when asked which version I personally wanted to be shown, I often felt that the original 1979 was too abruptly shortened, and Redux was too long, and settled on what I now felt was the perfect version, which is called Apocalypse Now – Final Cut. - Francis Ford Coppola

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