20 Best Allu Arjun Movies and Where to Watch Them

Allu Arjun, the charismatic actor hailed as the "Stylish Star" of Indian cinema, has made a mark in mainstream Indian cinema with hits like S/O Satyamurthy, Vedam and the Pushpa franchise. If you too are a fan of the Telugu megastar, then we have got you covered with a definitive list of the best Allu Arjun movies along with a handy guide to stream them all.

Where can you watch Allu Arjun’s filmography?

You can stream many of Allu Arjun’s recent hits on Prime Video and Netflix along with the South-centric OTT platform Sun NXT. Other additional options to watch his films include ZEE 5, Hotstar, Voot, Sony LIV, Lionsgate Play, Aha, Epic ON, and MX Player. The movies offered on Hotstar and MX Player can be streamed for free.

Confused about where to start? Have a look at Allu Arjun’s career graph to decide what to watch.

Allu Arjun’s Filmography at a Glance

Born to an influential Telugu film family, Allu Arjun was destined for the limelight. While his uncle is the megastar Chiranjeevi, his father Allu Aravind was a prominent producer.

Arjun made his silver screen debut with the romantic drama Gangotri in 2003, marking the inception of a glittering career. However, it was his portrayal of Aarya in the eponymous romantic action comedy that catapulted him to stardom. His nuanced performance earned him critical acclaim and endeared him to audiences, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

A driving factor behind Allu Arjun’s stardom is his versatility with mainstream projects. He effortlessly transitions between roles, be it the lovable romantic in the Aarya series, the rugged soldier in Parugu, or the flamboyant dancer in Aarya 2. Each character he portrays bears his signature style, captivating viewers with his impeccable dialogue delivery, emotive expressions, and electrifying dance moves.

Beyond his acting prowess, Allu Arjun is a trendsetter in fashion and dance. His distinctive style, characterized by trendy attire and unique hairstyles, has inspired a generation of fans, earning him the moniker "Stylish Star." Moreover, his dance performances are a visual spectacle, showcasing his agility, grace, and boundless energy.

Arjun's illustrious career is adorned with numerous accolades including five Filmfare Awards South and three Nandi Awards, a true testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication. Furthermore, his popularity transcends geographical boundaries, with a massive fan following not only in South India but also across the country (more so after him riding on the pan-Indian cinema bandwagon).

In recent years, Arjun has expanded his horizons, venturing into pan-Indian cinema with projects like the 2021 blockbuster Pushpa: The Rise. A period action drama, Pushpa was a commercial hit in not just Telugu but also its dubbed versions in Tamil and Hindi.

His performance as the eponymous Pushpa Raj was a talking point, along with the viral songs and powerful co-stars like Malayalam industry heavyweight Fahadh Faasil. The film’s story will conclude with 2024’s Pushpa: The Rule, a movie that promises to be one of the year’s most anticipated titles to watch out for.

Why is Pushpa: The Rise Allu Arjun’s best movie to watch?

Pushpa: The Rise marked a new chapter in Allu Arjun’s career with him eyeing an audience beyond his native Telugu industry. But commercial aspects aside, Arjun’s turn as a humble coolie-turned-charismatic sandalwood smuggler made for a compelling underdog story. Arjun’s whistle-worthy delivery of some quotable one-liners made the movie all the more entertaining, while showcasing some dramatic depth absent in his previous characters. Sukumar’s deft direction supports the epic storytelling, acting as a full circle for Arjun’s career for it was then-debutant Sukumar who directed Arjun’s breakout hit Aarya. From playing Aarya to Pushpa Raj, Allu Arjun has come a long way.

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  1. Pushpa: The Rise

    Pushpa: The Rise


    IMDB 7.6 (87k)


    Pushpa Raj is a coolie who rises in the world of red sandalwood smuggling. Along the way, he doesn’t shy from making an enemy or two.

  2. Aarya



    IMDB 4.5


    Aarya is a happy-go-lucky young man who goes to college. When he falls in love with Geetha at first sight, he proposes to her - in front of her boyfriend Ajay, who recently also proposed to her. She bluntly refuses, but ...

  3. Parugu



    IMDB 7.1 (3k)


    A group of friends are forcibly transported to a village and kept imprisoned, as the village head, who believes that they have helped in his daughter's elopement with her lover.

  4. Aarya 2

    Aarya 2


    IMDB 7.4 (7k)


    Two young boys staying together at an orphanage become friends. One of them is adopted by a wealthy family and grows up to become the owner of a software company. He provides employment for his friend, but when they both fall in love with the same young woman, conflict emerges.

  5. Race Gurram

    Race Gurram


    IMDB 7.3 (12k)


    Ram and Lakshman, aka Lucky, are brothers who are polar opposites in nature. Their mother wishes to see them united.

  6. Vedam



    IMDB 8.1 (8k)


    Five people from varied strata of society – a slum dweller who works as a cable operator, a runaway prostitute, a desperate woman drowning in debt, a rising musician, and a grief-stricken Muslim man – end up together in the same hospital, at a time when it is attacked by terrorists.

  7. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo


    Fate plays a vital role in connecting the life of Bantu, a son who seeks validation from his cold-hearted father with the life of Raj, whose millionaire father wishes that he was more assertive.

  8. Son of Satyamurthy

    Son of Satyamurthy


    IMDB 7.1 (5k)


    The son of a rich businessman struggles to save his father's wealth after his demise. However, he faces many challenges when he becomes the sole breadwinner of his family.

  9. Julayi



    IMDB 7.2 (5k)


    An intelligent young man and a timid cop team up to catch a criminal who wants revenge after a foiled bank robbery.

  10. Happy



    IMDB 7.1 (3k)


    A politician refrains his daughter from finishing college as it would affect his politics. He decides to get her married to a police officer of the same caste, but things don't go as planned.

  11. Naa Peru Surya - Naa Illu India


    Despite having serious anger management issues, Surya, an Indian Army officer is a brilliant officer but when anger takes control of him he is impossible to subdue. In spite of this issue, he achieves his goal of serving the country by overcoming the hurdles.

  12. Rudhramadevi



    IMDB 5.8 (3k)


    Rudraba, daughter of Ganapatideva, the emperor of the Kakatiya dynasty, was officially designated a son through the ancient Putrika ceremony and given the name Rudradeva so that she could succeed her father after his death. Despite opposition, she became of the most prominent rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty and one of the few ruling queens in Indian history.

  13. Sarrainodu



    IMDB 6.6 (7k)


    Only one man can stop a villain who, backed by his father, brutally murders anyone who gets in the way of his unscrupulous real estate deals.

  14. Desamuduru



    IMDB 6.2 (2k)


    After Bala, who works for a TV channel, gets into trouble with a goon, he is sent away for an out-of-town assignment. There he meets and falls in love with a girl who gets kidnapped by a gangster.

  15. Iddarammayilatho



    IMDB 5.8 (3k)


    A young woman becomes embroiled in a financial and political conspiracy while studying in Spain, as she meets a young musician with a somewhat dark past unfolded through the pages of his lover's diary.

  16. DJ: Duvvada Jagannadham


    A righteous young man who helps everyone gain their rightful justice, gets recruited as an undercover agent to work on a high profile case that involves a crime lord working for a corrupt minister who also happens to be the father of his romantic interest.

  17. Badrinath



    IMDB 4.4 (2k)


    Trained by a religious martial arts guru, Badri becomes the protector of Badrinath temple and tries to revive Alakananda's faith in God, unaware of the fact that she has fallen for him.

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  18. Bunny



    IMDB 5.7 (1k)


    A millionaire's daughter is all set to marry her boyfriend against her father's wish. When her father finally approves the marriage, her boyfriend believes that her father should sign over his wealth to him.

  19. Gangotri



    IMDB 4.6


    A factional leader's only daughter falls in love with his loyal lieutenant's son. When the childhood lovers' secret is exposed their fathers become enemies. How will the young man react to his lover's father bombing his house? Will there ever be an end to the cycle of violence, hatred and revenge?

  20. Yevadu


    Satya is given a different face after he suffers burn-related injuries. After being released from the hospital, he deals with the murderer of his lover Deepti. But his new face has given him new foes.