40 Best Kishore Kumar Movies and Where to Watch Them

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Kishore Kumar, or Kishore da as he was popularly known, was a wearer of many hats dabbling in acting, singing and music production. If you still yodel along to Kumar’s iconic compositions and watch his evergreen comedies and romances, we have got you covered with a list of the best Kishore Kumar movies along with a handy guide to stream them all.

Where can you watch Kishore Kumar’s filmography?

The all-time Bollywood great’s legacy still lives on with most of his movies available to stream on OTT platforms like Prime Video, Shemaroo and ZEE5. You can watch some of his other movies on Vi Movies & TV, MX Player (for free) Eros Now, and Jio Cinema as well.

Once you have got your Kishore Kumar watchlist sorted out, have a look at his versatile career over the years.

Kishore Kumar, the Singer

Kumar's singing career skyrocketed in the 1950s, with his distinct voice and dynamic range setting him apart from his contemporaries. Hits like "Roop Tera Mastana," "Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagi Si," and "Mere Sapno Ki Rani" cemented his status as the voice of a generation, earning him widespread acclaim and adoration.

Kishore Kumar, the Actor

In addition to his singing prowess, Kumar showcased his acting chops in a myriad of films, effortlessly transitioning between comedic and dramatic roles. Whether it was the lovable singing goofball in Padosan, or the eccentric protagonist in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Kumar's on-screen presence was magnetic, captivating audiences across generations.

Kishore Kumar's versatility as an actor shone brightly in films like Musafir, Dilli Ka Thug, Half Ticket and Mr X In Bombay. In Musafir, he displayed his dramatic range as a man grappling with the complexities of life and love, delivering a performance that was both poignant and memorable. Dilli Ka Thug showcased Kumar's comedic timing and flair for slapstick humor, as he effortlessly charmed audiences with his portrayal of a lovable rogue.

Similarly, in Half Ticket, Kumar's portrayal of a man masquerading as a child to save money showcased his comedic genius, earning him widespread praise and accolades.

Kishore Kumar, the Director and Writer

Beyond his acting and singing, Kumar explored behind the camera with a directorial stunt on the heartbreaking post-war drama Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein and penning the story of the romantic comedy Jhumroo, both of which drew critical acclaim and showcased his creative vision and storytelling prowess. The former starred his son Amit Kumar in a poignant performance as a child who loses his voice when his family dies in a fire, barring his father who returns to his tragic home after years of conflict.

Kumar's collaborations with leading filmmakers and composers further solidified his legacy. His partnership with composer R.D. Burman yielded timeless classics like "Yeh Shaam Mastani" and "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas," while his on-screen chemistry with actresses like Madhubala, Vyjayanthimala, and Mumtaz added to his appeal as a romantic hero.

Despite facing setbacks and controversies throughout his career (including four rocky marriages, one of them with frequent co-star Madhubala), Kumar remained undeterred, continuing to innovate and entertain audiences until his untimely demise in 1987.

Why is Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Kishore Kumar’s best movie to watch?

Outrageously hilarious with equal doses of sarcastic wit and slapstick comedy, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi endures as a cult classic. Starring Kumar with his real-life brothers Ashok and Anoop Kumar along with recurring collaborator Madhubala, this screwball road movie finds the trio hating on women until two of them have a change of heart. Exploring chauvinism and unrequited love in a lighthearted manner, you can stream the 1958 comedy on Prime Video and Shemaroo.

  1. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi


    Three woman-hating brothers face changes in their respective lifestyles when two of them fall in love.

  2. Padosan



    IMDB 8.1 (7k)


    A simple man from a village falls in love with his new neighbor. He enlists the help of his musical-theater friends to woo the lovely girl-next-door away from her music teacher.

  3. Half Ticket

    Half Ticket


    IMDB 7.3


    A diamond thief hides his loot on an innocent child, but the child turns out to be an adult posing as a youngster to purchase a half-priced train ticket. Now, the thief will have to outwit the eccentric in a series of wacky misadventures.

  4. Musafir



    IMDB 7.9


    The story is about a house consisting of three families who live in it. It is three stories linked by the house.

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  5. Dilli Ka Thug


    Kishore is a conman who has little respect for the rich. He learns that the person responsible for his friend's death is the same who led to his own father's death. He swears to bring him to justice.

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    Dilli Ka Thug is not available for streaming.
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  6. Mr. X in Bombay


    Shobha Mathur lives a wealthy lifestyle with her Professor dad, who is now carrying out experiments on various issues. One day while doing so, he makes an employee named Manohar drink a potion, which results in his death. Rajan comes to their rescue, gets rid of the body, and starts blackmailing Mathur, which can only end when Shobha marries Rajan. Then one day Shobha meets a poet by the name of Sudarshan and both of them fall in love. When he asks for her hand in marriage, Shobha refuses. The next day Shobha finds a note addressed to her from Sudarshan in which he has stated that he is going to kill himself. Thereafter, every night she starts to hear Sudarshan's voice, blaming her for his death, as his soul is unable to find solace. With Sudarshan out of the way, Rajan readies himself for marrying Shobha - and it looks like he may have his way with the Mathurs after all - without having to encounter any more obstacles.

  7. Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Men


    An impoverished ex-army officer faces obstacles and challenges when he seeks a cure for his mute son.

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  8. Ladki



    IMDB 6.1


    Raja lives a wealthy lifestyle with his somewhat upper Caste Hindu, eccentric, woman-hating dad, Hazurdas, and mom. He is friendly with Kishore, and both are aspiring doctors. On their way to college, they meet with two young women, Rani Mehra and Kamini. Both young men fall in love with them, with Raja taking the first initiative and getting married to Kamini, even though she of a lower untouchable Caste, but decides not to tell his parents. When he does inform them, they want him to divorce Kamini and get married to a girl of their choice, Raja refuses and returns back to Kamini, only to find her in the arms of her childhood friend, Sunder. Angered and hurt at this betrayal, he decides to marry the girl his parents have chosen for him - and he is due for another surprise - as the girl he is about to wed is none other than Kamini's friend, Rani. Watch what happens when a liberated, tom-boyish Rani finds out that Raja is already married, and the impact this has on everyone concerned.

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  9. New Delhi

    New Delhi


    IMDB 7.6


    Complications, impersonations and moral dilemmas arise when a Punjabi pretends to be a Tamil in order to obtain accommodation in New Delhi. An eloquent and entertaining plea for national unity that manages to showcase several cultural traditions whilst encouraging people to laugh both with and at each other.

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  10. Man-Mauji



    IMDB 7.2


    Raja's frequent brushes with crime force his sister Rani to disown him, and she decides to work in Dr. Mohan's house. However, Dr. Mohan finds out the truth about Rani and her brother.

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    Man-Mauji is not available for streaming.
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  11. Naukari



    IMDB 7.2


    The comic, tragic and heartrending saga of Ratan Kumar Chaudhary, who leaves his village, aging mom and seriously ill sister, to obtain employment in Calcutta, only to end up in a tiny tenement apartment full of other unemployed youths.

  12. Aasha



    IMDB 7.0


    A wealthy Kishore always ready to help the poor.He travels to Bombay to be with his cousin Raj whose a womanizer and has ditched many women.Raj and Kishore go for hunting in Jungle where Raj meets a man who ask shim to marry his daughter whom he had cheated but Raj kills him and frames Kishore for the murder whose then on the run from police.

  13. Jhumroo



    IMDB 6.8


    Anjana lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Dwarka Nath, in a hilly region in India. When she returns home after several years, she finds that her dad has become more strict and a disciplinarian, and even has his erring employees and villagers flogged. Then she meets with local villager, Jhumroo, and both fall in love with each other. Jhumroo takes her home to introduce her to his mom, Kamla, who approves of her instantly. When Dwarka comes to know about this, he is enraged, and quickly announces her marriage with his Manager, Ramesh. Jhumroo is heart-broken and goes to meet with Anjana, who does tell him that she loves him, but must obey her father. What Jhumroo and Anjana do not know is that she is not Dwarka's daughter, but is the daughter of Kamla, and abducted at a very young age.

  14. Baap Re Baap


    Raj Kumar Ashok belongs to a rich and aristocratic family. His parents want him to marry the best of the best girls money could find. Ashok's dad then spends a lot of money to invite proposals from all over India. But Ashok loves Kokila, who belongs to a poor family and sells flowers for a livelihood. Ashok decides to carry on his love with Kokila and at the same time witnesses the hilarious goings-on at his residence when the dads, mom, and the brides-to-be assemble - all from different parts of India - all speaking a different language. And with this multi-lingual medley, misunderstandings are bound to happen - and they do. His parents eventually select Roopa to be the bride. What will happen to the budding romance of Ashok and Kokila?

  15. Char Paise

    Char Paise


    IMDB 5.6


    Gangsters first try to unknowingly do business with a plain-clothed police officer, and after failing, try to disrupt his personal life.

  16. Mem Sahib

    Mem Sahib


    IMDB 7.3


    Meena, a wealthy, educated girl, has been promised in marriage to Sunder, a sheltered young man who has received an extremely traditional religious education. Displeased, Meena sets out to find a more suitable candidate, but is taken in by Manohar, a gold-digging conman. Finding Sunder to be clueless about the world, Manohar is soon manipulating him as well as Meena in his schemes to gain possession of Meena's fortune.

  17. Raagini



    IMDB 6.5


    Binda, an old musician in a village near Bombay, has brought up his son Rajan, in the hope that one day Rajan will become a great musician.

  18. Parivar



    IMDB 7.5


    A joint family consisting of four brothers, their wives, and their respective children, living under one roof. Some of the brothers are professionls, one a lawyer, a doctor, and others businessmen. They are a happy family, living and sharing each other's joys and sorrows. Then one day, an arguement breaks out over a glass of milk, and the entire family is thrown into chaos, and the only resolution seems to be nothing but dividing the entire property amongst the brothers and their respective families.

  19. Bhagam Bhag

    Bhagam Bhag


    IMDB 5.8


    Two jobless men become entangled in a series of chases and conflicts when they try to hang on to an extremely valuable coat that a fleeing criminal dropped in their apartment.

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  20. Haye Mera Dil


    Banwari steals Rs.10000 from his employer Manoharlal. Manohar files a police complaint, Banwari is caught and sent to jail. He breaks jail, kills Manohar and abducts his daughter Geeta as a revenge. Banwari brings up Geeta as Sangeeta, a famous stage dancer, as his daughter and makes money through her stage shows but he still wants Manohar's wealth and intend to blackmail Sangeeta's mother Kamla once she is found. Deepak, an educated but unemployed young man, is madly in love with Sangeeta but cannot approach her as she is a celebrity. He gets a chance one day and soon they fall in love.

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