20 Best Sonakshi Sinha Movies and TV Shows (and Where to Watch Them)

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Sonakshi Sinha started out as a costume designer for independent films but eventually established herself as a Bollywood name following her debut in Dabangg. Apart from frequently starring alongside stars like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and Ajay Devgn, Sinha has also got top billing in women-led dramas like the action thriller Akira and the journalism-themed dramedy Noor. With the Prime Video cop thriller Dahaad and the Netflix period drama Heeramandi, Sinha has also successfully established herself in the OTT space.

Here’s a look at the best movies and TV shows starring Sonakshi Sinha along with all the information that you need to stream them.

From Dabangg to Dahaad: What Sonakshi Sinha movies and TV shows should you watch first? 

For starters, one can watch the Dabangg franchise as it established Sinha as a new face in the industry. It all started with the over-the-top action comedy Dabangg that starred Salman Khan as the khaki-wearing casanova Chulbul Pandey and Sinha as Lajjo, the woman he falls in love with. However, the Dabangg trilogy doesn’t allow Sinha to fully flesh out her dramatic range and mainly puts the spotlight on Khan.

Sinha has had similar roles in other masala potboilers like Bullet Raja, R…Rajkumar, Rowdy Rathore, Action Jackson, and Tevar. All of these action films are full-fledged entertainers in their own right and boast Sinha taking on some comedic roles. But to get a deeper idea of her emotional skills, Lootera is a cult favourite to watch.

The period romance directed by Vikramaditya Motwane stars Sinha as the daughter of a wealthy landowner who gets charmed by Ranveer Singh’s mysterious archeologist. However, the script doesn’t reduce her to the hero’s love interest. Rather, she gives a career-defining performance as Paki Roy Chaudhary, an ever-curious soul who wishes to step out of her conservative life and discover her passion as a writer.

As her career progressed, Sinha also took on women-centric dramas where she got top billing. These include Noor in which she played a journalist finding her identity in the urban chaos of Mumbai. In Akira, Sinha tried to rebrand herself as an action heroine and displayed similar traits in mystery thrillers like Force 2 and Ittefaq.

Double XL is another interesting comedy-drama to watch, starring Sinha along with Huma Quereshi as two plus-sized women who battle body-shaming stigmas by following their professional instincts.

But perhaps a new high in Sinha’s career came from 2023 onwards when she fronted the cop drama series Dahaad. Marking her OTT debut, Sinha played a hot-headed policewoman who pursues a woman-killing psychopath in Rajasthan. Sinha followed her class act with the Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed Netflix series Heeramandi. In this visually dazzling period drama, Sinha had a double role as a vengeful courtesan and her mother.

Why is Dahaad Sonakshi Sinha’s best title to watch?

While Sonakshi Sinha has had memorable roles in movies like Lootera, it is Dahaad that marked her second coming on streaming. Dahaad appears as a standard investigative thriller in the start, with Sinha essaying the role of Sub-Inspector Anjali Bhaati. But as the episodes progress, Sinha’s character doesn’t only chase a serial killer but also challenges the casteist notions of her village. It’s a bold role that Sinha takes on with conviction and confidence, earning her a Filmfare OTT Award.

Where can I watch Sonakshi Sinha’s best movies and TV shows?

The list below gives you all the details that you need to stream, buy or rent the best works from Sonakshi Sinha’s filmography. This includes every offer for viewers in India today. We'll also show you if any of her best movies are available to watch online for free.

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  1. Dahaad



    IMDB 7.6 (13k)


    Women are disappearing without a trace in Rajasthan and nobody seems surprised. But police officer Anjali Bhaati notices a similarity in the cases: long nightly phone calls and a boyfriend that no one in the neighbourhood has ever seen.

  2. Lootera



    IMDB 7.4 (16k)


    In a village, a young archaeologist falls in love with a landlord's daughter. Their union seems doomed. But destiny brings them together a year later. Will they live happily ever after?

  3. Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar


    Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings his majestic signature flair to stories of love and betrayal in the lives of courtesans in pre-independence India.

  4. Bullett Raja

    Bullett Raja


    IMDB 4.9 (4k)


    A common man who transforms into a gangster revolts against the very system he once obediently followed by declaring war on the police, the government, and the industrialists.

  5. Dabangg



    IMDB 6.2 (34k)


    A troubled relationship with his younger half-brother and stepfather compels Chulbul Pandey to become a corrupt but fearless cop whose life changes when he locks horns with a corrupt political leader.

    Watch Now

    Dabangg is not available for streaming.
    Let us notify you when you can watch it.

  6. Akira



    IMDB 5.9 (4k)


    Akira Sharma is your average Jane from Jodhpur. Early in life she sees an atrocity committed on a neighbour and learns to defend herself. And, a spitfire is born.

    Watch Now

  7. Double XL

    Double XL


    IMDB 4.6 (4k)


    Rajshri wants to be a sports presenter on TV but is promptly told that she is 'too healthy' for it. Saira, a fashion designer also has hit rock bottom in her life after she is cheated on by her boyfriend. A chance encounter between the two leads them to London to discover themselves and challenge the norms of who's a 'normal woman'.

  8. Noor



    IMDB 4.1 (1k)


    The jumbled up, crazy and happening life of journalist Noor takes a dramatic turn when she comes across a news breaking cover story

    Watch Now

    Noor is not available for streaming.
    Let us notify you when you can watch it.

  9. Mission Mangal

    Mission Mangal


    IMDB 6.5 (17k)


    Based on true events of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launching the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), making it the least expensive mission to Mars.

    Watch Now

  10. Khandaani Shafakhana


    When Baby Bedi is entrusted with a job of running controversial sex clinic ‘Khandaani Shafakhana’, in a small town of Punjab, she faces severe backlash from all quarters. Can she find a cure for the widespread social stigma against important issues like sex education and sexual health?

  11. Rowdy Rathore

    Rowdy Rathore


    IMDB 5.8 (23k)


    A small-time thug comes across a young girl who claims him to be her father, following which he realizes he has a lookalike who's being hunted by goons.

  12. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson


    IMDB 3.4 (4k)


    A man meets his lookalike, who's not just a killer of evil, but also a kind hearted man. Together, they team up to fight against a dreaded gangster.

  13. Kalank



    IMDB 3.5 (16k)


    Set in 1945, in Pre-Independent India, the elite, opulent and solemn world of the Chaudhry family, and the wild, mysterious and musical underbelly of the town, Hira Mandi, clash when Roop Chaudhry encounters Zafar, a daredevil from Hira Mandi, unleashing deep-buried truths, secrets of betrayal and affairs that threaten to bring both worlds crashing down.

  14. Holiday



    IMDB 7.2 (30k)


    A soldier on vacation finds himself hunting down a terrorist. A military officer attempts to hunt down a terrorist, destroy a terrorist gang and deactivate the sleeper cells under its command.

    Watch Now

    Holiday is not available for streaming.
    Let us notify you when you can watch it.

  15. Force 2

    Force 2


    IMDB 6.2 (6k)


    ACP Yashvardhan teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down the master mind terrorist, Shiv.

  16. Son of Sardaar

    Son of Sardaar


    IMDB 4.2 (10k)


    A Punjabi man returning to India falls in love with a woman whose family welcomes him as a guest before realizing he is the man they need to kill in order to avenge their loved ones.

  17. Ittefaq



    IMDB 7.2 (14k)


    Police officer Dev investigates a double murder case that has only two witnesses - an acclaimed writer Vikram and a young homemaker Maya, who also happen to be the prime suspects in the case. He finds himself being torn between their own version's of what happened on the fateful night, and takes it upon himself to figure out the real story and capture the real murderer.

  18. R... Rajkumar

    R... Rajkumar


    IMDB 5.3 (6k)


    Rajkumar, an aimless youth, works for a drug baron and is sent to kill a rival dealer. His life is changed forever when he meets Chanda, and has no idea she is the adopted daughter of the man he is supposed to kill.

  19. Lingaa



    IMDB 5.6 (6k)


    After being turned down by the ruling Britons, the rightful heir to a famous dynasty inspires local villagers to build a dam themselves. A small-time thief reforms after learning about the role played by his grandfather in building a dam.

  20. Tevar



    IMDB 4.2 (3k)


    A Kabaddi player rescues a young woman from an unwanted marriage and hides her in his home.