Gracze - Sezon 2 (2016)

Tytuł Oryginalny: Ballers

10 Odcinki

Dramat, Sportowy & Fitness, Komedia


Dwayne Johnson
Spencer Strassmore
Rob Corddry
Joe Krotel
Omar Benson Miller
Charles Greane
Troy Garity
Jason Antolotti
Dulé Hill
Larry Siefert
Donovan W. Carter
Vernon Littlefield
Arielle Kebbel
Tracy Legette
Richard Schiff
Mr. Anderson
Jazmyn Simon
Julie Greane


In Season 2, things are more competitive and complicated than ever. Retired football star turned financial manager Spencer is forced to face demons from his past as he goes head-to-head with the biggest shark in the business, Andre Allen. Meanwhile, Spencer's closest friends and clients struggle to find their footing in a world where it's “go big” or go home.

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