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Streaming release date (United Kingdom)

The Sex Lives of College Girls The Sex Lives of College Girls will be available to watch in spring 2024. We don't have any streaming information yet but we'll let you know as soon as it is available.


Big life shifts at Essex are ahead for (ex?) roomies Bela, Whitney, Kimberly, and Leighton

After the events of last season, we have questions! Will Whitney be able to forgive Kimberly? Is Bela really leaving Essex? And can Leighton and Alice do better this time around?

10 Episodes

What to know

Reneé Rapp slowly phases out her role in the core four in season 3 of HBO’s hit series

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3 is the upcoming third season of HBO’s hit comedy series. The season is once more written and written and created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, and focuses on the lives of four friends as they navigate their way through life at the fictional Essex College in Vermont, USA. Kaling is known for her series The Mindy Project and Never Have I Ever, in addition to her role on the US version of The Office.

The third season of Sex Lives of College Girls sees the return of Pauline Chalamet as Kimberly, Amrit Kaur as Bela, Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney, and Reneé Rapp (who stars as Regina Goerge in the Mean Girls musical remake) as Leighton as the core four. However, this season will be Rapp’s last, and sees her part reduced as she is phased out of the series. Other cast members likely to return are Mekki Leeper as Eric, Christopher Meyer as Canaan, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Lila, Lauren Spencer Jocelyn, Renika Williams as Willow, and Mitchell Slaggert as Jackson.

Production News

  • December 14, 2022
    • HBO renew The Sex Lives of College Girls for a third season ahead of the second season finale. (Source: Deadline)
  • July 10, 2023
    • Deadline report that actress Reneé Rapp, who plays Leighton in the series, has decided to leave after the third season. Her role in the third season will already be heavily reduced, with the actress only appearing in a few episodes before she exits. (Source: Deadline)


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Pauline Chalamet
Kimberly Finkle
Amrit Kaur
Bela Malhotra
Reneé Rapp
Leighton Murray
Alyah Chanelle Scott
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