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Rachel Ulatowski is an entertainment writer who is passionate about TV, film, and pop culture and loves writing content that entertains and resonates with readers. She enjoys dabbling in creative writing, running, reading, and making TikToks when not writing professionally.

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Rachel has three years of experience writing professionally for major digital news outlets. She serves as a Staff Writer for The Mary Sue and has also written for Screen Rant, Tell-Tale TV, and Monsters and Critics.

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Some of Rachel's favorite movies are Nomadland, The Fabelmans, A Monster Calls, Saving Private Ryan, Stand By Me, and Forrest Gump. Her favorite TV shows include Good Omens, The Umbrella Academy, The Boys, Doctor Who, and Stranger Things.

Rachel Ulatowski has written 66 articles on JustWatch. This includes adding news and relevant information to movie & TV show pages.

  • <h1>30 TV Shows and Movies About the Roman Empire You Can Watch Online Right Now</h1>

    30 TV Shows and Movies About the Roman Empire You Can Watch Online Right Now

    The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires in world history, and its influence can still be seen in many aspects of civilization today. Given its enduring legacy, movies and TV shows about the Roman Empire and ancient Rome have fascinated viewers for decades. Hence, Ridley Scott’s upcoming Gladiator II and the new epic Those About to Die series have sparked much excitement.

    If Those About to Die leaves you seeking more of Ancient Rome before Gladiator II, this guide will reveal the 30 best movies and TV shows on the Roman Empire you can stream right now on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and more!

    One of the movies that most frequently comes to mind regarding the Roman Empire is the original Gladiator. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe), a man who becomes a skilled gladiator on his mission of vengeance. Gladiator delves deep into one of the most intriguing aspects of ancient Rome while capturing the galore of the Roman Empire through breathtaking cinematography, leading it to critical acclaim.

    Some of the best movies on the Roman Empire are much older than Gladiator, though, such as Ben-Hur (1959), Quo Vadis, and Spartacus (1960). Both religious epics Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis were released in the 1950s, making their enormous scale and innovative filmmaking techniques all the more impressive. Ben-Hur boasts one of the most iconic film sequences of all time with its chariot race, while Quo Vadis delves into the infamous reign of Nero. Meanwhile, Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed Spartacus delves into the slave revolts that comprise the Servile Wars. Viewers may also enjoy The Fall of the Roman Empire, which many consider the 1964 version of Gladiator.

    Since Egypt was once a province of the Roman Empire, unique films like Cleopatra (1963) and Agora blend Egyptian and Roman history. A few filmmakers have gotten even more creative with Ancient Rome by tackling history through comedies like A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum and Monty Python's Life of Brian. Life of Brian is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time, as it explores a young man born in Ancient Rome who is mistaken to be the Messiah.

    Viewers looking for a more expansive exploration of Ancient Rome may prefer TV shows to film epics. The Spartacus TV show offers a more detailed look into the slave revolts against Rome, while docuseries like Roman Empire provide a more accurate deep dive into figures like Commodus and Julius Caesar. Rome is one of the most large-scale TV shows to delve into Rome’s transition from a Republic to an Empire, and Barbarians is a strong choice for those looking for a bloody historical series.

    Where to watch movies and TV shows about the Roman Empire online

    Check out our list below to find out where to watch 30 of the best movies and TV shows about the Roman Empire!

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  • <h1>10 Best Glen Powell Movies, Ranked (And Where To Watch Them Online)</h1>

    10 Best Glen Powell Movies, Ranked (And Where To Watch Them Online)

    Glen Powell is one of the fastest-rising actors in Hollywood ever since his breakthrough role in Top Gun: Maverick. While some may think he’s an overnight sensation, he has been active in the industry for over 20 years and has starred in many hidden gems before the Top Gun sequel. Since he has attained more widespread recognition, he has shown an affinity for comedies and action movies, including playing a storm chasing influencer in the Twister standalone sequel, Twisters.

    Check out our guide below to find out where to watch Glen Powell’s best movies on streaming platforms like Netflix, MGM+, Disney+, and more!

    The film that boosted Glen Powell’s career is also one of his best movies: Top Gun: Maverick. Not only does Powell shine as Lieutenant Jake "Hangman" Seresin, who strongly parallels a young Maverick Mitchell (Tom Cruise), but the movie also surpasses the original with its stronger storyline and breathtaking aerial cinematography.

    Since then, Glen Powell has proven he’s a leading man with Anyone But You and Hit Man. In Anyone but You, Powell and Sydney Sweeney mesmerize viewers as Ben and Bea, a couple whose electric connection with one another sours. Despite their ill feelings towards one another, they’re forced to vacation together in Sydney, Australia, to support their friends’ marriage. The film was a box office hit due to its raunchy rom-com premise and the palpable chemistry between Powell and Sweeney.

    Meanwhile, in Hit Man, Glen Powell portrays Gary Johnson, who poses as a hitman to catch those conspiring to commit murders. He truly shows his acting prowess by taking on numerous identities, accents, personalities, and disguises for the film. Although Anyone but You and Hit Man received the most fanfare, Powell also recently starred in the highly-rated Devotion and The Blue Angels.

    However, not all of Glen Powell’s best movies are new. One of his best pre-Top Gun: Maverick films is the 2018 rom-com Set It Up. In this movie, Powell takes on the role of matchmaker Charlie Young, who conspires with Harper Moore (Zoey Deutch) to set their bosses up so they can get some much-needed time off. Once again, Powell's chemistry with his co-star is wonderful, and the movie is a lighthearted and enjoyable rom-com.

    Powell also has a small role in the powerful biographical movie Hidden Figures, which highlights the contributions of three incredible women who helped win the space race.

    Where to watch the best Glen Powell movies online

    Check out our guide below to find the 10 best Glen Powell movies, ranked by Powell’s performance and the quality of the movie, and where to stream them!

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  • <h1>10 TV Shows Like Stranger Things You Can Watch Online Right Now</h1>

    10 TV Shows Like Stranger Things You Can Watch Online Right Now

    Stranger Things is gearing up for its fifth and final season. The show became one of Netflix’s most-watched series of all time due to its unique blend of sci-fi and ‘80s vibes, which has drawn nostalgic comparisons to movies like E.T. and Stand By Me.

    If you’re looking for more shows with retro charm, youthful characters, and quality sci-fi stories, this guide will reveal 10 more great TV shows like Stranger Things you can stream today on platforms like Netflix, Max, Prime Video, and more!

    Cobra Kai

    Cobra Kai isn’t set in the ‘80s, but its predecessor, The Karate Kid, was. As a result, the ‘80s nostalgia is almost as strong as in Stranger Things, with numerous references to ‘80s movies, cars, music, and more. Additionally, its story of a group of teens who join karate dojos and become involved in feuds and town secrets is almost as intriguing as Stranger Things, even without the supernatural elements.


    Dark boasts several similarities to Stranger Things, especially since it is set in a fictional town where several teenagers begin investigating the disappearances of children. Although the show initially takes place in the present day, season 2 is set in the ‘80s. However, Dark also distinguishes itself from Stranger Things by delving into time travel rather than alternate dimensions and featuring more mature themes and content.

    Dead Boy Detectives

    Dead Boy Detective is set in the present day, but Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri), the ghost of a teenage boy who died in 1989, brings in some ‘80s vibes. With 1980s vibes, teen detectives, and plenty of grisly stories about demons and ghosts, Dead Boy Detectives will appeal to viewers who especially enjoyed the horror elements of Stranger Things season 4.

    Deadly Class

    Set in the 1980s, Deadly Class follows the adventures of Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth), a homeless teen who gets recruited into King’s Dominion, an elite private school for the children of prominent crime families. It plays like a dark, rebellious teen drama with ‘80s undertones, violence, and high stakes.


    From elevates the horror/sci-fi elements of Stranger Things, placing viewers into a mysterious town that traps its residents and holds terrifying secrets. While Stranger Things has elements of mystery surrounding its small town with grim secrets, From delves deeper into this premise with a town that offers viewers a very complex and terrifying puzzle.

    His Dark Materials

    For those intrigued by Stranger Things’ Upside Down, His Dark Materials offers a deep dive into the sci-fi concept of alternate dimensions. The series follows Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keene), whose investigation of a kidnapping and a mysterious substance known as Dust leads her on an adventure through multiple worlds. With strong character development and faithfulness to its source material, His Dark Materials is an exceptionally well-made teen adventure series.

    I Am Not Okay with This

    Like Stranger Things, I Am Not Okay with This is set in the 1980s and focuses on a girl with telekinetic powers that she doesn’t quite know how to control. While its lead character is reminiscent of Stranger Things’ Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), I Am Not Okay with This also leans more into the coming-of-age elements and has an indie feel to it. 

    Lockwood & Co.

    While it’s set in the present day, Lockwood & Co. still brings the ‘80s vibes by occurring in an alternate dimension reminiscent of the ‘80s. In the series, a group of teens are forced to take matters into their own hands when they learn that only children can sense and dispose of ghosts who pose a deadly threat. With ‘80s vibes and a group of ghost-hunting and mystery-solving teens, Lockwood & Co. is a solid supernatural alternative to Strange Things.


    Misfits see a group of teenagers navigating supernatural occurrences as they all discover they have wild powers after an electrical storm. For viewers looking for a Stranger Things-esque show but with some elevated humor and off-the-wall storylines, Misfits is the show for you.

    Paper Girls

    Paper Girls has drawn strong parallels to Stranger Things with its ‘80s setting and group of teen friends who bike around their town and investigate supernatural activity. It sets itself apart from Stranger Things by having the teens caught in the middle of a time-traveling conflict rather than alternate dimensions. Additionally, it approaches the sci-fi genre from a feminist perspective with its all-female lead cast.

    Where to watch TV shows like Stranger Things online

    Check out our list below to find out where to stream TV shows like Stranger Things in the United States!

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  • <h1>10 Movies Like Harry Potter You Can Watch Online Right Now</h1>

    10 Movies Like Harry Potter You Can Watch Online Right Now

    The eight-movie Harry Potter film series is the fourth highest-grossing film franchise of all time, which isn’t surprising considering it is based on the bestselling book series of all time. For viewers looking for more wholesome, magical films, this guide will reveal where you can stream 10 movies like Harry Potter on platforms like Disney+, Max, Hulu, and more!

    Harry Potter is one of those film series that appeals to viewers of all ages due to its sophisticated worldbuilding, emotional storylines, and ability to offer viewers an escape into a magical world. Viewers simply couldn’t get enough of the golden trio — Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Stone), and Ron (Rupert Grint) — and their fantastical adventures.

    If you want to re-experience the magic of Harry Potter, here are 10 more whimsical, magical, and family-friendly movies to check out.


    Similar to how Harry Potter explores people who inherit magical powers, Encanto focuses on a household where magic runs in the family. The Madrigal family’s home in the Encanto is reminiscent of Hogwarts, as it’s a breathtaking place bursting with magic, which also grants the family members special powers. While Encanto boasts the magical and whimsical elements of Harry Potter, it also features award-winning music and a powerful story of family and tragedy.

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Set in the same universe as Harry Potter, this prequel film follows animal-lover Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) as he searches for magical creatures. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them offers viewers a deeper dive into Harry Potter history and the vastness of the Wizarding World and its creatures. Whimsical, enchanting, and an impressive feat of world-building, the movie is everything one could want from a prequel to Harry Potter. 


    Halloweentown tells the Harry Potter-esque story of a young girl who one day discovers she is actually a witch and travels to a magical place where all witches and supernatural beings live. It may not have the sophisticated world-building of Harry Potter, but it’s the perfect introductory film to magic for young viewers. It will also appeal to viewers who want a wizarding story with more Halloween spirit.

    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

    Viewers who prefer the Harry Potter series' darker and more mature films, such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will enjoy Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The movie boasts director Tim Burton's gothic flair and is heavier on the supernatural aspects, but it boasts the same spirit as Harry Potter with its story of children with extraordinary abilities who struggle to find acceptance from the non-magical world.

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is essentially Harry Potter for mythology fans. It still has magic, a child’s discovery of his powerful heritage, and an otherworldly school, Camp Half-Blood, but instead of being based on British myths and folklore, it is heavily inspired by Greek mythology. The movie is a great Harry Potter alternative for viewers who prefer gods and goddesses to wizards and witches.

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    Like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe offers an escape into a magical world. The worldbuilding is stunning, and the storytelling is captivating. Viewers will be wholly engrossed in this magical story, in which four children become kings, queens, and knights instead of wizards and witches.

    The House with a Clock in Its Walls

    The House with a Clock in Its Walls follows the story of a young orphaned boy who discovers he comes from a family of witches and warlocks and must use his magical powers to uncover a dark secret in his Uncle’s house. The movie is fun and lighthearted, with mild horror and fantasy elements. It also echoes one of Harry Potter’s most emotional storylines of a young boy navigating loss and grief.

    The School for Good and Evil

    The School for Good and Evil is heavily reminiscent of the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin dynamic in Harry Potter, exploring a magical school with students predisposed to be heroes or villains. While it’s a little heavier on the teen drama aspects, it’s ultimately an entertaining and lighthearted fantasy story that explores the concept of good and evil.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    Similar to Harry Potter, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice brings magic to a modern-day setting. Instead of Hogwarts, though, the action takes place right in New York City as a young man discovers he’s the protégé of the powerful sorcerer Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage). It is a great coming-of-age movie with a fun fantasy twist.

    The Spiderwick Chronicles

    Viewers who loved the fantastical creators of Harry Potter will love The Spiderwick Chronicles’ deep dive into a magical world filled with ogres, trolls, fairies, and goblins. The movie boasts excellent world-building and stunning visual effects. It’s an imaginative and whimsical story that tackles the power of belief in magic.

    Where to watch movies like Harry Potter online

    Check out our list below to find out where to stream movies like Harry Potter in the United States!

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  • <h1>10 TV Shows Like Bridgerton You Can Watch Online Right Now</h1>

    10 TV Shows Like Bridgerton You Can Watch Online Right Now

    Bridgerton is one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time. The show’s popularity is hardly surprising as it blends an alternate historical setting with romance, spice, secrets, and high society. For viewers looking for their next period romance drama fix after Bridgerton season 3, this guide will reveal where you can stream 10 more great TV shows like Bridgerton on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more!

    Part of Bridgerton’s appeal is its ability to transport viewers into another timeline and social class. Another major part of the appeal is the fairytale-like love story that each Bridgerton sibling gets as they come of age.

    For those seeking more of the romance and scandal Bridgerton offers, check out these 10 great shows, which are filled with unique historical settings, magical love stories, and plenty of juicy scandals.

    Anne with an E

    Anne with an E reimagines Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. The period drama is geared toward slightly older audiences than the books; it tells the origin story of the orphan Anne Shirley and delves into issues like sexuality, conformity, and childhood trauma. Like Bridgerton, it takes advantage of the power of reimagination and alternate histories, providing a wild and heartwarming coming-of-age story about a teenager growing up in 1896 Avonlea.

    Downton Abbey

    Similar to Bridgerton, Downton Abbey follows the lives of a wealthy, aristocratic family, the Crawleys, in a specific British historical setting. Viewers who especially enjoy the historical element of Bridgerton will appreciate Downton Abbey’s more serious tone and intimate look into how real-life historical events affect the Crawley family's drama, struggles, and romances.

    Mary & George

    Mary & George tells the stranger-than-fiction true story of how mother-and-son duo Mary (Julianne Moore) and George Villiers (Nicholas Galitzine) found an unconventional way to royalty during the reign of James VI and I (Tony Curran). Viewers looking for a show with the same playful tone and penchant for scandal as Bridgerton will love this wild and spicy period drama.

    Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

    Viewers can’t get much closer to Bridgerton than the show’s official spinoff series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Several familiar Bridgerton faces, like Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) and Lady Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell), return in this prequel/spinoff series that serves as an alternate history of the rise of Queen Charlotte and her love story with King George III (Corey Mylchreest). Largely serving as a bonus Bridgerton story with some additional social commentary and historical reimagining, Queen Charlotte is everything fans could want in a spinoff series.


    Like Bridgerton, Sanditon is set in the Regency Era and is adapted from an unfinished manuscript by legendary romance writer Jane Austen. The series follows Charlotte Heywood's (Rose Williams) adventures in a quiet seaside village as she finds romance, ambition, and small-town secrets. With solid storytelling and a less modernized take on the Regency era, Sanditon is a strong alternative to Bridgerton.

    The Artful Dodger

    Viewers seeking a period drama with more action and swashbuckling adventure will enjoy The Artful Dodger. It boasts the historical elements and forbidden romances of Bridgerton but also serves as a unique continuation of Jack Dawkins’ (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) story after the events of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

    The Buccaneers

    Similar to Bridgerton, The Buccaneers is a period drama that follows several wealthy young women as they navigate high society and seek partners for marriage. The twist is that these women are Americans, and their navigation of London's high society sparks an interesting cultural war. Given that these women are less accustomed to and less willing to follow the rules of high society, there’s even more room for scandal, humor, and feminism.

    The Gilded Age

    Hailing from the same creator as Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age is an intriguing drama that strives for historical accuracy while tackling the titular American time period. While it’s largely a deep dive into the race and class conflicts of the time, it does have that Bridgerton-esque flair with its exploration of the clash between two powerful and wealthy families.

    The Great

    The Great is a satirical and comedic reimagining of Catherine the Great's (Elle Fanning) rise. It takes Bridgerton’s alternate history premise and lighthearted tone and ramps it up several notches for a delightful and absurd spin on a historical story.


    Viewers interested in what happens beyond Bridgerton’s Regency Era will be intrigued by Victoria, which examines the rise of Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) from the 1830s - 1850s. It finds a balance between historical accuracy and creative liberty and boasts phenomenal performances. The show especially boasts the ability to transport viewers into a different time and enthrall them with the period's history, art, and costumes.

    Where to watch TV shows like Bridgerton online

    Check out our list below to find out where to stream TV shows like Bridgerton in the United States!

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