What's new on Amazon Prime Video ?

Keeping up with the additions and the removals in the Amazon Prime Video catalog is hard work. If you have the feeling that you browse endlessly or that you already saw everything, you will love the JustWatch New Timeline. We make sure you never miss any Amazon Prime new releases by updating all what’s new on Amazon Prime Video daily.

We offer a vast array of filters: check new movies on Amazon Prime or new shows by switching the toggle buttons below. You can also filter by genres, release year and even rating and age ratings. With the JustWatch New Timeline, you won’t miss any content new to Amazon Prime.

If you would rather see the best of Amazon streaming catalog, please check here the full list of all the content available on Prime Video. We also have a nice Amazon Deals Tracker for Black Friday.

Find all new releases streaming on Amazon Prime Video with JustWatch:

New movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime adds very often new movies to its catalogue, especially at the beginning of every month. When you select the filter "Movies, you'll find the full list of all the new movies on Amazon Prime US.

New TV shows on Amazon Prime

As on every streaming provider, TV shows availability on Amazon Prime constantly changes. Amazon Prime offers a wide range of TV shows and keeps adding new seasons and new episodes. You can find all show that just got added to Amazon Prime Video by selecting the "TV Shows" Filter.

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Jayamma Panchayathi
Jul 2, 2022