Avatar: O Último Airbender - Temporada 3


Título Original: Avatar: The Last Airbender

21 Episódios


Ficção Científica , Animação , Ação & Aventura , Família , Fantasia



Classificação de idade



Olivia Hack
Ty Lee (voice)
Zach Tyler
Aang (voice)
Mae Whitman
Katara (voice)
Jack De Sena
Sokka (voice)
Dante Basco
Zuko (voice)
Jessie Flower
Toph Beifong (voice)
Grey DeLisle
Azula (voice)
Cricket Leigh
Mai (voice)
André Sogliuzzo
Hakoda (voice)
Greg Baldwin
Uncle Iroh (voice)


Aang wakes up from his battle with Azula to discover that Ba Sing Se has fallen and the world thinks he's dead. So he and his friends set off undercover across the Fire Nation to find Firelord Ozai before the Day of Black Sun. Prince Zuko returns home as the triumphant son, but soon finds the honor he so greatly craved from his father is worthless. New alliances are formed and Team Avatar forges a new plan to stop the Firelord. But will they find him in time?

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