All Movies and tv shows on Crave

Crave is a streaming service in Canada with over 800 movies and 550 TV shows available to watch. Crave features titles from HBO, Max and Crave originals. JustWatch helps you find what you want to watch by letting you sort content by genre, when they came out plus its IMDb score and age rating.

Can I Get Crave in Canada?

Yes, Crave is accessible in Canada. You can become a member by signing up on their website or through an applicable TV service provider. Crave operates as a subscription service, allowing you to choose between monthly or annual payment plans.

What Movies and TV are on Crave?

It has exclusive streaming rights to the entire HBO catalogue meaning you can binge some of the most beloved TV shows in history including The Sopranos and Succession. This extensive collection includes popular names like Game of Thrones, True Detective and Curb Your Enthusiasm. You’ll also find iconic movie franchises like Harry Potter and the Christopher Nolan Batman installments available on Crave. The platform is also home to both the American and British versions of RuPaul’s Drag Race which is one of the industry’s most long-running and successful reality TV show franchises. In collaboration with OutTV beginning 2019, Crave also hosts Canada’s Drag Race.

Starz is also available as an add-on to the service via a monthly fee. Additionally, it's the go-to platform for popular French-language content in the Canadian market.

Use the JustWatch guide to browse through the collection of movies and TV shows on Crave. Find the perfect title by adding your own filters including IMDb ratings, age preferences as well as genre and release date.

Is Crave Free with Amazon Prime?

No, Crave is not free with Amazon Prime. They are two separate services with their own respective fees.

What Channels Does Crave Have?

Unlike other subscription services, Crave also has a number of live channels available to view. They are specifically related to the content found on Crave only. These channels are Crave 1, Crave 2, Crave 3, Crave 4, HBO 1, HBO 2, SUPER ÉCRAN 1, SUPER ÉCRAN 2, SUPER ÉCRAN 3, SUPER ÉCRAN 4, STARZ 1 and STARZ 2.