All movies and TV shows to buy and rent on Youtube

Wondering what movies and TV shows can you watch on Youtube? Discover here all the TV shows and movies available on the video-on-demand platform from Youtube.

What is Youtube Movie Rental Service?

Youtube is best known for its user-uploaded free videos platform. In addition to those free videos, Youtube now offers the possibility to rent movies and TV shows or even buy them. If you're accustomed to Youtube video watching style, renting movies and tv shows or buy them to download on Youtube is an easy option. Prices are similar to other buy and rent streaming platforms. Movies rental and purchase prices start at $2.99. When you rent a movie or a TV shows on Youtube, you have 24 to 48 hours after you hit the play button to watch it. If you did not push the play button, the movie can be watched within a large time-window, sometimes up to 30 days. To be able to buy or rent movies and TV shows on YouTube, you need to have and be logged in YouTube or Google Gmail account. Any movie or TV shows you bought on Youtube will also be available in your Google movies library.

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