Die Sopranos - Staffel 2 (2000)

Originaltitel: The Sopranos

Drama, Krimi


James Gandolfini
Tony Soprano
Edie Falco
Carmela Soprano
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Meadow Soprano
Robert Iler
A.J. Soprano
Lorraine Bracco
Jennifer Melfi
Steven Van Zandt
Silvio Dante
Tony Sirico
Paulie Gualtieri
Dominic Chianese
Junior Soprano
Aida Turturro
Janice Soprano
Drea de Matteo
Adriana La Cerva
Nancy Marchand
Livia Soprano
Vincent Pastore
Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero
Danielle Di Vecchio
Barbara Giglione


His uncle's in jail. His mother's in the hospital. His best friend's still missing. His sister's moving home. His panic attacks are back. And his shrink refuses to see him. Tony Soprano has recently been elevated to the status of mob boss following a federal bust and as the second season picks up, Tony is under more stress than ever as he deals with the demands of his new position. Making matters worse, his long-lost sister Janice has arrived to take care of their ailing mother.

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