Harry Burnview

Harry Burnview is a writer who loves movies, TV shows and all things in the world of entertainment. He has attended countless movie festivals, dabbled in filmmaking and also acted in front of camera for small indie projects. He loves the experience of being in the cinema and always makes the controversial choice of mixed salty and sweet popcorn.

Experience and Education

Harry has bachelors degree in History, and a Masters degree from the University of Cambridge, where he focussed on British cinema in the 1980s. He has been writing about movies, art and entertainment for over five years and is an avid follower of all visual culture.

Favourite Movies and TV-Shows

For Harry, political satire is one of the best subgenres of movie and TV but only when done right – thumbs up for Dr. Strangelove and Veep. There’s no stopping the yearly rewatch of all Star Wars movies, though not all of the television shows make the cut. Aside from those, you can’t go wrong with a classic heist movie - Ocean’s Eleven and Inside Man always hit the spot. For TV shows nothing has been the same since Severance and Boardwalk Empire is an all-time favorite.

Harry Burnview has written 100 articles on JustWatch. This includes adding news and relevant information to movie & TV show pages.

  • <h1>7 Horror Movies Directed By Women To Watch On Halloween 2023</h1>

    7 Horror Movies Directed By Women To Watch On Halloween 2023

    When you think of great horror movie directors you think of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Dario Argento, James Wan, and David Cronenberg. But some of the best and most interesting horror movies at the moment are directed by women and this list gives you a chance to discover them. 

    While women often play an important part on-screen throughout horror history, there hasn’t always been a huge amount of opportunities for female directors to shine behind the camera. These seven movies all offer something slightly different depending on what kind of horror movie you want to watch this Halloween. So put aside the classics, and the big Hollywood sequels and dig into these little-known genre gems directed by famous femme filmmakers.

    The Babadook

    Directed by Australian filmmaker, Jennifer Kent, The Babadook is a genuinely terrifying horror movie about a single mother and her son who believes that they are living with a monster. Still dealing with the traumatic death of her husband, Amelia initially dismisses her son’s concerns. However, a mysterious and unsettling presence makes itself known in the house, terrifying both mother and son. Kent has gone on to direct the 2018 movie The Nightingale and also directed an episode of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

    Saint Maud

    The directorial debut of British filmmaker, Rose Glass sees her tackle the terror of religious fervor and obsession. Maud is a nurse at a Christian hospice trying to save the soul of a dying patient. But her fixation on the patient’s salvation becomes dangerous and disturbing. Fuelled by her own trauma Maud’s obsession leads to unforeseen terror. The movie was nominated for two BAFTA awards and Glass was recognized as Best Debut Director at the British Independent Film Awards. 

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