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Impact of social distancing on streaming

Over the last weeks, we have seen our traffic increase dramatically in some countries.
This chart illustrates the numbers before and after lockdowns or other actions governments took to contain the spread.

The diagram illustrates the increase of users on JustWatch since the beginning of the pandemic compared to the average traffic we could see before the outbreak.

  • 2020-03-09 🇮🇹 Lockdown Italy
  • 2020-03-14 🇪🇸 Lockdown Spain
  • 2020-03-15 🇺🇸 USA declare national emergency
  • 2020-03-16 🇨🇭 Switzerland asks citizens to stay at home
  • 2020-03-17 🇫🇷 France announces heavy restrictions
  • 2020-03-17 🇨🇦 Canada declares national emergency
  • 2020-03-18 🇩🇪 Germany asks citizens to stay at home
  • 2020-03-18 🇦🇺 Australia declares human biosecurity emergency

The whole JustWatch team has been working from home since March 11th 2020 and we encourage everyone to stay at home whenever possible.
There are so many great movies and TV shows to discover and we at JustWatch would be happy if we can help more people to make their time at home more enjoyable in times of social distancing and lockdowns. 💛

Stay at home. Stream something great. Flatten the curve.

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