What's new on Hulu?

What's new on Hulu? Hulu adds and removes tv shows and movies on its catalogue all the time. It is then difficult to follow what is new on Hulu. The JustWatch Timeline is the solution: it let you see all the new Hulu releases at a glance, daily updated. Here, you find out in real time what are the latest TV shows and movies on Hulu (or other providers for that matter).

New shows on Hulu

Hulu is a streaming provider primarily oriented towards series. Hulu offers a lot of new episodes of popular TV shows, including new anime : from the latest episodes of "South Park" to "Bob's Burger" premiere, from all-time classic "Mad Men" to "Prison Break", from "Naruto" to "Better Call Saul", Hulu new releases cover a large range of genres. New shows on Hulu also include its own original series, such as "The Morning After", "Casual", new episodes of the Emmy-nominated "The Handmaid's Tale", "Battleground" and more. JustWatch is your solution to tell you when do new episodes go on Hulu.

Whether you're a friend of so called binge-watching or you just like one episode per day, you should definitely try our TV Show filter! Just unselect the "Movie" filter in the JustWatch Watchbar below and you will only see all the new shows on Stan.

New movies on Hulu

Hulu has also a heart for the movies lovers out there. New movies on Hulu include latest hits such as "Hellboy" or "Arrival", oscar-winning movies like "Philadelphia", all-time classic like "The Bounty" or popular horror movies like "Hostel" or "Carrie".

To only see the new movies on Hulu, just unselect "TV Shows" in the JustWatch Watchbar!

New releases streaming on Hulu

The JustWatch Timeline helps you to stay up to date with the new online movies and TV shows available on Hulu.
Find out below in real time what are the latest content on Hulu.

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