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What to watch on Hulu? Wonder no more! JustWatch created the complete overview of all the movies and tv shows that you can stream online right now on Hulu. Our overview of the Hulu catalog includes Hulu Originals and all the latest additions to Hulu. You can directly sign up for a one-month free trial. We update it daily and organize it by popularity, to help you pick the best content to watch on Hulu.
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What is Hulu?

Hulu is a video-on-demand portal launched in 2008, primarily oriented towards shows (though Hulu’s catalog contains a fair share of popular movies). Initially, watching shows and movies on Hulu was free - the content was only interrupted by advertising. The free-access to Hulu was only available on computers through Hulu.com. The subscription-based business, launched in 2010, was called Hulu Plus and offered the possibility to access Hulu through all Hulu-supported devices including smartphones and smart TV. In 2016, Hulu decided to end the free Hulu service on its platform and became a subscription-based service only.The free content was moved to a partner company, Yahoo View. Currently, viewing Hulu’s catalog of movies and tv shows and opening a Hulu account is territorially restricted to the US and Japan.

You can test all Hulu plans for free for one month. For access to the full library, you can choose between two prices: the first price is at $5.99/month with limited commercials. The second subscription costs $11.99/month without commercials. With both Hulu plans, you can watch the same content - the only differences are the interruptions. Not a Hulu subscriber? You can start your Hulu Free trial here to open a Hulu account and start enjoying your favorite tv shows and good movies on Hulu