Vivre me tueVivre me tue

Vivre me tue (2002)

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Drammatico, Made in Europe
1h 26min


Paul (Sami Bouajila of The Adventures of Felix and The Siege) is a smart, well-educated Frenchman of Arab ancestry. He's a smooth talker, but he can't seem to get a job worthy of his skills. He ends up living in a single room, struggling to get by while going on many fruitless job interviews, during which he impresses his potential employers by turning his pizza delivery job into a tall tale about revamping the whole pizza chain. But at some point, they always seem to "see through him." He retreats into the boxing ring. His brother, Daniel (Jalil Lespert of Human Resources) also has trouble finding his place in the world. He spends all his time bodybuilding and takes dangerous drugs to enhance his physique. He dreams of being the next Schwarzenegger, but is forced to settle for a demeaning job at a sex club.

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