List of TV series & films available on Amazon Video

Wondering what can you watch on Amazon Video UK? JustWatch created the ultimate list of all the movies and tv series you can watch at the moment. We organized this list by popularity but don't hesitate to use the list toogle on the side or the multiple filters to find a tv series or a movie that will suit your preferences.

What is Amazon Video?

Amazon Video is a video on demand service powered by Amazon. With Amazon Video you can buy and rent movies and TV series. Launched in 2006 and originally named "Amazon Unbox" and then "Amazon Instant Video", Amazon Video gives online access to a catalog of more than 40,000+ movies and tv series.

You can rent movies and tv series or buy them to download. Buying a movie or a series on Amazon let you download it digitally and watch it as many times as you want on most of the devices. You also have the possibility to buy the old-fashion DVDs or Blu-Ray. Renting a TV show or a movie on Amazon lets you 30 days to start streaming it and 48 hours to finish watching once started.
Most of the content available on Amazon Video is also streamable for free for members of Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Video offers streaming in HD and since late 2014 Amazon added 4K Ultra UHD. You are able to access Amazon Video's movies and tv series online via Web, Smartphones & Tablets (Android, iOS, Windowsphone), Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Fire TV and many more devices.

Amazon Movies

Amongst popular movies to rent or buy on Amazon, you can find a lot of new release movies, such as Avengers: Infinity War, Glass and John Wick. They have a dedicated section for cheap movie rentals and all their movie bargains, starting at 99p. Check the Amazon Movie Sales here.

Amazon TV Series

As far as TV series goes, Amazon has plenty of series to buy in streaming or rent. You can rent the latest season of your favorite series, such as the world famous Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Riverdale or the last episodes of Grey's Anatomy - so plenty of tv series to rent or buy and mostly: enjoy! You can rent or buy a whole season of a TV series on Amazon or decide on just renting or buying just a few episodes. Prices on Amazon for rent and sell start at 0,99p. The Amazon sale section let you buy or rent your favorite series at a discounted price. Check the Amazon Series Sale here.

Price details

The price for movies on Amazon Video is similar to the price on other video on demand services. Around £3.49 for buying a new film in SD and £4.49 for buying a new film in HD.


Amazon Video can be accessed online with a web browser, on smartphones and tablets, on Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Fire TV and many others.

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