Eine Liebe für den Frieden - Bertha von Suttner und Alfred Nobel


Original Title: Eine Liebe für den Frieden

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An unusual woman, a dramatic life: Bertha von Suttner never had it easy. Although she was born as Countess Kinsky and was highly educated, she and her family do not enjoy a good reputation. At the age of 30 she worked as a teacher in the house of Baron von Suttner. When Bertha and Arthur, the seven years younger son, fall in love, it is a scandal for the family. The relationship is torn apart and in 1876 Bertha hastily placed as a private secretary to the eccentric chemist Alfred Nobel in Paris. An encounter that will not only change both lives, but the world. Bertha gets along with the solitary inventor straight away, both are fascinated by each other. They have endless conversations, including about his groundbreaking invention: dynamite. But before Nobel proposes to the headstrong Bertha, Arthur bursts into her life again, disinherited and rejected, but Bertha runs off with him and marries him. Despite her decision, she maintains intensive correspondence with Alfred Nobel and thus her unique friendship. She moves to the Caucasus with Arthur and experiences the Russo-Turkish War in 1877. Bertha and Arthur see horrible pictures that they can no longer get rid of. Bertha begins to write, with success. But after years of wasteland she wants to "go back to life", misses the intellectual exchange, is keen on new literature. After ten years, she met Alfred Nobel again in Paris and made first contacts with peace associations. Her next novel brought her world fame: "Put your arms down!", The war from a woman's point of view, describes the suffering that is associated with it. An unfulfilled love remains between the great peace fighter Bertha von Suttner and Alfred Nobel, but it ultimately inspires Alfred Nobel to write a unique will: he donates the Nobel Prize with his fortune. 1905 was the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize: Bertha von Suttner.


IMDB 6.7


Drama, History, Made in Europe


1h 29min

Production country

Czech Republic, Germany, Austria


Urs Egger


Birgit Minichmayr
Bertha von Suttner
Sebastian Koch
Alfred Nobel
Philipp Hochmair
Arthur von Suttner
Sona MacDonald
Baronin von Suttner
Joseph Lorenz
Baron von Suttner
Yohanna Schwertfeger
Marcello De Nardo
Staatsanwalt Paris
Johannes Herrschmann
André Jung
Frederic Passy
Maresi Riegner
Marie von Suttner
Alina Fritsch
Mathilde von Suttner
Branko Samarovski
Babsy Artner
Eugen Knecht
Markus Schleinzer
Konstantin Frank