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Lionel Atwill
Ivan Eigor
Glenda Farrell
Florence Dempsey
Allen Vincent
Ralph Burton
Fay Wray
Charlotte Duncan
Frank McHugh
Editor Jim
Edwin Maxwell
Worth, Eigor's bootlegger partner
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Professor Darcy
Gavin Gordon
George Winton
Matthew Betz
Hugo, deafmute sculptor
Bull Anderson
Otto, museum janitor
Holmes Herbert
Dr. Rasmussen
Claude King
Mr. Galatalin
William B. Davidson
Detective (Uncredited)
Guy Usher
Detective (Uncredited)
DeWitt Jennings
Police Captain, 12th Precinct
Robert Homans
Desk Sergeant, 12th Precinct
James Donlan
Morgue Attendant (Uncredited)
Thomas E. Jackson
Detective at Morgue
Frank Darien
Autopsy Surgeon (Uncredited)
Wallis Clark
Autopsy Surgeon's Assistant (Uncredited)
Monica Bannister
Joan Gale
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Police Sergeant by Christmas tree
Lon Poff
Tall Thin Henchman (Uncredited)
Max Barwyn
Museum Visitor (Uncredited)
Wade Boteler
Ambrose (Uncredited)
Otto Hoffman
Igor's Assistant (Uncredited)
Perry Ivins
Copy Editor (Uncredited)
Margaret Mann
Wax Figure of Queen Victoria (Uncredited)
Pat O'Malley
Plainclothesman (Uncredited)
Milton Kibbee
Reporter (Uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley
Reporter (Uncredited)
Charles McMurphy
Policeman in Prison (Uncredited)
Frank Fanning
Policeman (Uncredited)
Dick Rush
Policeman (Uncredited)
Lee Shumway
Policeman (Uncredited)
William Wagner
Morgue Attendant's Assistant (Uncredited)
Frank Austin
Winton's Valet (Uncredited)
Walter Percival
Winton's Attorney (Uncredited)

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