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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead


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During an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter, and his television-executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.

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IMDB 7.8 (129k)


Horror, Mystery & Thriller, Made in EuropeZombie


2h 7min

Production country

Italy, United States


George A. Romero


David Emge
Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews
Ken Foree
Peter Washington
Scott H. Reiniger
Roger "Trooper" DeMarco
Gaylen Ross
Francine "Fran" Parker
David Crawford
Dr. James Foster
David Early
Sidney Berman
Richard France
Dr. Milliard Rausch
Howard Smith
TV Commentator
Daniel Dietrich
Dan Givens
Fred Baker
Police Commander
James A. Baffico
Rod Stouffer
Roy Tucker
Jese Del Gre
Old Priest
Clayton McKinnon
Officer in Project Apt.
John Rice
Officer in Project Apt.
Ted Bank
Officer at Police Dock
Randy Kovitz
Officer at Police Dock
Patrick McCloskey
Officer at Police Dock
Joseph Pilato
Officer at Police Dock
Pasquale Buba
Motorcycle Raider
Tony Buba
Motorcycle Raider
Tom Savini
Motorcycle Raider
Larry Vaira
Motorcycle Raider
Marty Schiff
Motorcycle Raider
Taso N. Stavrakis
Motorcycle Raider
Sharon Ceccatti
Lead Zombie (Nurse)
Mike Christopher
Lead Zombie (Hare Krishna)
Clayton Hill
Lead Zombie
John Amplas
2nd Guy on Roof (uncredited)
Greg Besnak
Fu Manchu Zombie (uncredited)
Rik Billock
Gray Suited Zombie (uncredited)
Christine Forrest
TV Producer / Zombie / Mall Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Roy Frumkes
Pie-in-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Debra Gordon
Red Turtleneck Sweater Zombie (uncredited)
Michael Gornick
Radio News Reporter (voice) (uncredited)
Jim Krut
Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
Donald Rubinstein
Parking Lot Zombie (uncredited)
George A. Romero
TV Director / Biker (uncredited)
Warner Shook
Security Guard Zombie (uncredited)
Sara Venable
Leotard Zombie (uncredited)
Laura Ziemba
Ice Skating Rink Zombie
Robert Williams
Soldier in Apartment Project
John 'Weezer' Wickerham
Black Knit Cap Sunglasses Bearded Biker
Vickie Walters
Brown Leather Jacket Biker Chick
Billie Walters
Biker Chick Wearing Brown Headband
Vincent Vok
WGON - TV Station Employee
Susan Vermazen
Dark Curly Haired Plaid Shirted Zombie
Bobbi Van Eman
Beautiful Curly Haired Female WGON-TV Technician
Jeanette Lansel Vaira
Biker Chick
Danny Vail
Mall Zombie
Milt Thompson
Checkered Shirted Zombie Who Attacks Stephen
Ralph Tallo
Stephen's Grey Suited Airport Zombie Attacker
Stephen M. Silverman
Donna Siegel
Dark Haired Light Brown Bloused Woman
Gina Sestak
Longhaired Glasses Zombie
Frank A. Serrao
Fat Grey-Suited Zombie
Mike Savini
Zombie Boy in Airport Chart House
Donna Savini
Zombie Girl in Airport Chart House
Charlie Peters
Bearded White Collared Shirted WGON-TV Crew Member
Jeff Paul
Biker Who Shoots Flyboy
Ken Nagin
Pendant Headband Biker with Axe
Robert V. Michelucci
Bearded Scope Zombie / Zombie Who Attacks Mousey
Doug Mertz
Preppie Zombie - 2nd Pie-In Face
Molly McCloskey
Lovely Woman at WGON (uncredited)
Nicholas Mastandrea
Mall Zombie Outside Gun Store
Leonard Lies
Machete Zombie
Ed Letteri
Long-Haired Man by Door at WGON-TV
Maxine Lapiduss
Redhead Zombie Outside J.C. Penny
Robert Langer
Mustachioed Plaid-Shirted Zombie Eating Bikers' Flesh
Ralph Langer
Green Collared-Shirted Zombie in Ice Skating Rink
Tommy Lafitte
Miguel, The Zombie
'Wild Bill' Laczko
Head Bandage Redneck
Katherine Kolbert
Brunette Biker Chick Throwing Pies and Cakes
C. Courtney Joyner
Zombie Wearing Eyeglasses
Jeannie Jefferies
Blonde Zombie Who Attacks Roger in Truck
Jon Hayden
Featured Zombie
John Harrison
Screwdriver Zombie
Barry Gress
Parking Lot Zombie Knocking Sign Over
Ingeborg Forrest
Mall Zombie Wearing Blue Nightgown
Cliff Forrest
Tony, Man at WGON - TV ('You all right?')
Tom Dubensky
Young WGON-TV Man Wearing Plaid Shirt
Zilla Clinton
Blonde Biker Chick Riding Motorcycle
Mary Lee Casey
Featured Light Blue Bathrobe Zombie
Adolph Caesar
Narrator of Theatrical Trailer
David W. Butler
2nd Biker in Elevator
Ben Barenholtz
Cowboy Hat Zombie Hit by Sledge
Renee Banks
Wild Haired Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie
Joe Abeln
Redneck Rifleman That Misses
Nick Tallo
Motorcycle Raider
Joe Shelby
Motorcycle Raider
Rudy Ricci
Motorcycle Raider