When George Got Murdered


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The film takes place inside of the jail where the ex-cop who killed Mr. Floyd is being housed, a jail where there has never been such a high-profile inmate. In addition to doing their job to keep the killer safe, they have begun to realize two things, number one is that it will not be as easy as many of them thought it would be. And second, that none of the minority guards in the jail are being allowed to work the unit where the killer of George Floyd is being held. This while knowing full well that many of the inmates in the jail would love nothing more than a chance to issue their own form of justice on the killer cop and more than a few of them have made their desire for doing so known. It does not take long before some of the guards begin discussing what they have learned and also the danger of having the killer cop in such a small jail, causing several of them to voice their displeasure to his presences in the facility and also to what is being done to their fellow correction officers. Even while dealing with multiple issues and being understaffed due to the Covid19 virus, the guards are able to rise to the task at hand, but much to their dismay, it appears that the inmates will not get the chance to carry out what they consider their own form of jailhouse justice, but the killer of Mr. Floyd will indeed get the opportunity to point out the fact that it was not just the horrible act which he committed upon George that has led to massive protests and riots in not just America, but in cities and towns all around the world.

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